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Thread: Simplify Media Get if Free While You Can

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    my app store says no it already gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by stlcaddie View Post
    my app store says no it already gone
    No, click this

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    This looks like a great application. I no longer need music on my iphone! but the thing is I can't just get wifi everywhere I go. Haha.

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    got it, haven't tried it yet...these god D**M backups suck, i know i can cancel it, but i figure it would be safe to have at least one back up

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    its not there in appstore... too bad i don't have internet at home then i could get it from itunes store
    "Search" is your friend

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    I downloaded the app in itunes, but when I sync it says it could not be installed because "the application was not found." But it shows up in my Applications on iTunes.

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    Application can be found here :

    Paul says video version is in the works

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    Thank you!! Now if only Orblive...

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    cool application. never heard of it before.

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    Sweet! I had used the jailbroken version of this app for months to listen to my 30,000+ (138gb) music collection on my iTouch, but I was a little disappointed when I couldn't find it for the 2.0 firmware. As soon as i saw this post, I dropped what I was doing to download it for free even though I'd have been willing to pay for it. Why pay for something you can get for free?
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    Default Best app I have on my phone!
    Ok peeps i can stream my Itunes library over edge just perfect! This app rocks I really hope it does not get shut down by apple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentCRF250 View Post
    Ok peeps i can stream my Itunes library over edge just perfect! This app rocks I really hope it does not get shut down by apple.
    Why would it get shut down by Apple? It's perfectly legal.

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    Whats up! anyone Add me, my Screen name is Mastroz You add me i'll add you. Lata everyone! mines up and working perfectly! lets get this thing rolling!

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    any one else havin any problems wit it recognizing all your songs thru itunes? it doesnt pull all my songs only like 300 of my total. any help would be great.

    thanks all

    <edit> ok i think it is just slowly updating my music lil by lil. the number seems to grow slowly. maybe thats just it. but any suggestions would be great.
    btw im on a mac and have a first gen iphone with 2.0.1
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    Let's build something together.
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    i wasnt able to find it through the iphone but found it on the itunes store on my pc.
    Blah Blah and Blah

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    showed an error occured when i tried to install it.
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    takes a little while..

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    ok so it seems that it is only pullin 400 or so songs out of about 2000. im havin it look thru both itunes and folders, any suggestions?

    <edit> well i think i figured it out. i am consolidating my itunes library and it seems to be adding my songs now.
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