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Thread: 2.0 Jailbreak Success on 3g iPhone

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    Default 2.0 Jailbreak Success on 3g iPhone

    The dev team has done their testing on the new hardware and everything is working as they anticipated. A video of the upcoming release should be out soon shortly followed by the jailbreak.

    Stay tuned! MMi will be sure to keep you updated!

    [via iphone-dev]
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    great, i can't wait for there news on the people with unlocked phones!

    WoW + iPhone = Powned.

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    wow the dev team deserves a round of applause

    *claps hands slowly*

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    Default **** yeah!!!
    but seriously i need an answer besides "soon". im dying over here!

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    Come on with the new pwnage for the old iphones who want to run 2.0!

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    Great news

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    Apple is getting pwned left and right today, yellow screened iphones, .me or w/e, no activation, new iphones ALREADY getting jailbroken.

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    Do you think that the folders will still be in the same location? I mean when you use Cyberduck to SSH. I have bookmarks and that would save time and not having to mess with Customize. Maybe app store might throw out a "customize app"

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    those who are desparately wanting for the release, come over to the dev-team blog. Share your passion

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    Seriously, Apple should really try and employee these guys.

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    i provided MMi w/ that info

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    all i am craving isfrom dev people is to acivation/ and unlock for the damn iphone
    thanks guys
    we salute for your great work as a old iphone users who is in real desperate to use the firmware 2

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    2.0 iwant haha
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    How long after pwnage is released do u think winpwn will come, because this is really gonna suck for us windows users?

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    Share your passion, desparate mentality, excitement, pissing in the pants experiences in the dev-team blog.

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    PWN these apple idiots. Releasing a phone with cheap LCD screens knowing there was a huge fuss about white dots on their LCD's last year. What a huge disappointment man.

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    I cant wait for the 2.0 firmware and pwnd available. I hope it fixes my 1st gen with the corrupted baseband problem. I am sure there are a lot of other people in the same boat as I am.

    GO dev team GO
    Hat off to you guys!

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    I think I found an exploit!
    I activated my 1st gen 2g iPhone with 2.0 without using iTunes.
    Thats right I bypassed activation on a 2.0 iPhone.
    I used a modified old trick.
    Ok if you have the new 2.0 firmware but you can' get it activated cause the activation itunes server is slow or down do this.

    Go to emergency call.
    Dial *#307# then click call
    Touch The Screen
    Then Backspace the *#307#
    Then redial and call *307#
    Again Touch The Screen
    Then Backspace the *#307#
    Then Dial 1 and call
    Then try clicking on add call and hold at the same time.
    Then try clicking on hold and contacts at the same time.
    Keep Repeating this till you see both of the add call and hold or both ot the hold and contact lit up.
    Then try double tapping the home button fast.
    Then turn the volume up and down.
    Then switch it to silent mode then back to normal.
    Then push the power button - DON'T HOLD IT

    Then Repeat That Process.

    Don't worry if your phone
    keeps going to the phone saying multi party call.
    and you click home and all my icons are missing.

    Just turn the phone off and turn it back on.
    *#307# (Twice Not Once)
    Then Dialing 1 (Then double clicking hold and add call)
    Then double click the home button.

    Also I think the 2.0 update fixed the iPhones screen issue.
    My iPhone screen would turn off or not turn on and only the backlight the white light would turn on. Now with 2.0 its fixed!

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    are you att or t-mobile 1st gen ?

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    wow that sounds awesome RealRitsCracker! i hope someone confirms your method.

    when will full WinPwn be available? I really hope the dev team release the full version for us windows user.
    1st Gen iPhone 2.0 - Jailbroken and Unlocked on T-Mobile

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