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Thread: 2.0 Unlocked | 2.0 Jailbroken - CONFIRMED

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    this may be a stupid question, but I have been absent from the iPhone community for quite some time since mine was broken, but I'm getting my "new" (but still not 3G) iPhone from the US tomorrow.
    however, my question is if "2.0 is unlocked and jailbroken" actually means "unlocked, jailbroken and activated" or not? because I read that you have to re-activate your iPhone while updating to 2.0, so just activating it with 1.1.4 running and then upgrading won't help me, will it?


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    At 23.18 AEST at there is a new video there now if you want to see.

    Louis B
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    Will I be able to have my IBlacklist back? I really need that s...t =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    No this is not a microsoft release
    Worse, an apple release.
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    i upgraded to 2.0 because im so impatient and now i cant downgrade phone is locked
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bstock1990 View Post
    i upgraded to 2.0 because im so impatient and now i cant downgrade phone is locked
    lol ... if you could just upgrade to 2.0, why do you think we'd need an unlock?

    anyways, you have to downgrade itunes to version 7.5 to downgrade your iphone firmware.

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    Truely amazing!!
    Two thumbs up you

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    Downgrading does not work w/7.5 from 7.7. I have tried it on both Mac & Windows OS.

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    so should I get the itunes 7.5 or 7.6

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    when you upgrade to 2.0 then your baseband changes and if you want to down grade you have to downgrade the baseband, try searching for that i think this is the main issue over here

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    Quote Originally Posted by louisb1966 View Post

    At 23.18 AEST at there is a new video there now if you want to see.

    Louis B
    Thank you for the update, but I don't want a video, I want a program.

    I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting to upgrade to 2.0 so I can jailbreak. Even if I do however..... I'm limited to the app store until previous programs become 2.0 compatible so I dunno if it's even worth it.

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    BootNeuter 2.0 which is the lastest on video of dev team i think that will help you to load 1.1.4

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    i appreciate everyones help but the phone is stuck in recovery mode (itunes logo and usb cable logo) and i cant even shut my phone off!!!!

    well im going to try to restore 2.0 so its in emergency mode and then re instal itunes in 7.6 and try to do a system restore??
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    hell yeah holmes, i ken't believe!

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    hopefully it will be out on Monday

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    Here try Big Boss's guide & hope it works for you...

    iPhone News & Review 2.0 to 1.1.4 Downgrade

    good luck

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    i love this site. endless hours of reading the same crap over and over. you guys are so impatient.

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    The Dev Team Posted this about 15 minutes ago on their blog

    Rush, rush, rush....
    Over the last year we’ve discovered some interesting things about the software used in the iPhone. These “hacks” , “exploits” *and “techniques”, or whatever you want to call them, are valuable*- not only from a financial perspective (so scummy people can sell unlocking software) but also from a strategic point of view. Think of it like a game of poker, showing your hand too early would certainly make you lose “the game”.*
    The majority of iPhone users are not technical - they want an easy, one-stop, simple application that will allow them to quickly and painlessly unlock their phone. If we were to release a crummy command-line based tool that does the immediate job that everyone is screaming for, we’d only end up in the following situation:
    1) The technique is released to the world and people use this technique to quickly create GUI apps that they charge*cash-money for, or re-release something hacky and horrible that bricks lots of devices, or for example disables the WiFi that then causes more stress that ultimately comes back to us
    2) The technique is exposed to the vendor, allowing them to locate and repair the security hole. Sometimes these security holes span product versions, for example: between the first generation and second generation iPhone. In such a case releasing the knowledge in the middle of the product development cycle is pointless and risks the “usefulness” of the technique - especially if there are existing hacks/techniques that work just fine.
    The iPhone DevTeam is comprised of a group of people who work together over IRC from various parts of the world. This distributed method of working happens 24 hours a day with people performing tasks in the time that best suits their time-zones. It is a completely self-managing, self-regulating and member-funded organization. Most of us have never met face-to-face and we rarely know real names - in fact, we would more than likely not recognize each other if we walk past one another on the street. Despite this we follow a strict “hacker code”: ground rules by which we all abide.*
    Perhaps the foremost of these rules is management of knowledge. We keep*certain*information private, restricted to members of the team only (to help with points 1 and 2 above), and members are entrusted to make sure this secrecy is consistently enforced. This makes*the team. Only when there is a majority vote from the team do we make any announcement or release.*
    So now we come onto Geohot, the self appointed media frontman for last year’s iPhone hacks. Geohot actually worked with us a month or so before the media-circus that he led. Geohot is certainly a bright guy, but he couldn’t abide by rules that I described in the last paragraph and because of this he was asked to leave the team. Of course like any hacker Geohot continued on for his goal.
    Using some of our techniques and tools (and some of his) and using his own brain power (and that of an unnamed Russian) he was able to release his hardware hack and demonstrate the first unlocked iPhone to the world, he has also demonstrated other things during the last year and some of those releases have helped us with our work.
    We thought that Geohot would have matured somewhat in the last year, but this clearly isn’t the case, as sadly one of the team members has leaked a copy of our exploit to Geohot and he is now using this to provoke us into making an early release :-(
    So finally, just in case some of you were wondering, we’re not sitting on this tool because we’re full of ourselves or up our own asses. We’re not sitting on it cause we like to see you writhe. We are testing it to make sure it’s as glitch-free as we can make it. We want to avoid releasing something that turns expensive phones into pretty looking paperweights. Don’t you agree it’s worth the wait?
    If others want to feel like they’re in control by posting all-knowing entries on their blogs, we can’t stop that, but the new PwnageTool will be released when it’s ready, and not a moment later.*

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