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Thread: Agile Mobile launches All in One Messenger Client, MultiPlayer War Game

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    I don't see were I can download the aim chat? Were do I go

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    Workin great so far. Haven't tried the lock screen notification yet though. Excellent app... been waitin for something like this for awhile now.

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    i look on the website and it dosent say it works for the iphone and i looked on the installer and i dont see were i can download how are you guys putthing this ap on your iphone???

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    AM is amazing. I removed any other MSN programs I had previously.
    It works perfectly.

    Testing out AgileForces now :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarunas4 View Post
    works nice but only on wifi... on egde it wont connect.... maybe it has something to do with me using T-Zones?
    Same here, any one else with the same problem
    is there some thing we can do about it? HELP PLS.

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    ne one know a good place to get new notifications wav files??

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    wow that looks amazing. Very impressive looking.

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    Installed insomnia, but it is still signing me out of AM chat. Also I have to try to connect several times to get on AIM. Anyone else having above issues?

    I'm running 1.1.4 on T-Mobile and unlimited data and not T-Zone... So I dont know what the hell the problem is, I even turned on the "Dont Sleep" option in AM chat, but still kicking me off.....

    I'm pretty sure you guys all know about Fring, since I'm a noob to the site, but I think Fring is a hell of alot better. AM has a better UI and buddy list view options, but Fring keeps me connected in the background a lot better than AM. Sorry for jacking the thread, but I think ppl with login issues should try Fring.....
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Im sure this is a great app. I've tried both MobileChat and Apollo and neither work for me. I experience the same problems as almost everyone... crash @ log in, cant connect, etc... I started using Fring and it works great. I only use it for AIM and it stays logged in even when i lock my screen.


    I installed AM and tested it... once again another IM client with connection issues... at least for me... I'm going to stick with Fring, it's proven to work for me with no problems since installation.
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    I downloaded their IM client and love it. I have been waiting for a native IM client since apollo ( which didn't do yahoo, a must at work).
    Agilemobile you guys rock!
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    we all know this won't be free for long

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    not being able to connect to anything this morning using wifi or edge. anyone have this problem

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    Same here. It was working as early as 6am, but I noticed around 11am it wasn't connected any longer and I couldn't log back in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by romeo0119 View Post
    we all know this won't be free for long
    thats not gonna be an issue, with soo many warez sites out

    app is pretty cool +1

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    It worked flawlessly for me. It sent and received quickly with both MSN and Yahoo for me. It sent pictures quickly. I was testing it and I like the fact that it runs in the background while doing other things but it does eat battery pretty quickly. Also, I logged out of the app and tried to reconnect with the app and it now will not connect to any of my clients. It just sits there thinking about connecting or it gives me a message saying connection failed. I've tried rebooting and uninstalling but it still will not connect anymore.

    Update: I hard rebooted for the 5th time and now it is connecting again. Hopefully it keeps working because this is the best IM client so far. Very usable.
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    in finally is working again. But im still not able to stayed connected when I lock my phone. Any ideas. And once again, does ne one know any good notification sounds. I hate the default

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    I would also like to know how to keep the program running when you lock or hit the home button

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    downloaded it not working on my iphone on on tzones . just tryed on wifi still not working . ima uninstall and reinstal again. right nnow i just aim thru text and it works great . its instant just like any real im client

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    Default Functions I'd like to see
    This app works great besides that it is killing my battery when I leave it running in the background. There are a few functions / tweaks I'd like to see addressed though.

    1. Ability to send image from the camera roll.
    2. Landscape mode.
    3. Ability open links in Safari from chat.
    4. A better button to take a picture to send. I really like using the volume buttons like I do with Snapture.
    5. Not sure if this is just me but renaming a contact doesn't work
    6. Oh yeah, better battery usage.
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    Mine keeps giving me an aol system message saying that Im signed on in two places (which I'm not)

    Could this have something to do with the connection dropping when the phone is locked and getting a new edge ip address?

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