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Thread: MMS on the iPhone

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    You're welcome! I think the picture thing is something that the developers are working on right now. It might be something easy, not sure, I have to look into it. Maybe in the new update?

    Anyway, you can hit the "Thanks" button if I helped you!

    If I helped you out, please press ... thanks!

    =The iPhone?!...wait!...what happened!?=

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    Can USA T-Mobile get some love too?

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    I called ATT and asked them "Lets say Apple adds MMS to the iPhone will i be able to use my current data plan?" The answer was yes. I currently have Unlimited Data plus 1500 messages. They told me that i wouldn't have to add anything else to use MMS.

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    I failed to get it working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanooreg View Post
    Can USA T-Mobile get some love too?
    True i aint got any thing to work and well i have tryed like the 3 i could find

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    This is GREAT ! Finally MMS for iPhone.

    I installed the Apps as soon as I discovered it, but run into some problem. Can anyone confirm the following matches the terms used in the application?

    MMSC = Provider MMSC
    Proxy = Provider WAP Gateway

    I couldn't save the setting, is this a bug?

    When I tried to send, it said, "Send Failed! Could not connect".

    * The Apps doesn't ask for username and password too.
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    i just have 1 question really lol

    since i see Edge settings and u have to mod the username and pass and what not.

    so the question is

    Does it charge with your internet usage? like say i have Rogers and 5MB internet plan..would it cut the internet usage out of that


    Would it charge me for Picture Messaging, which is a different thing..which i didnt sign up for..

    someone let me know..ill appreciate it. thanks.

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    Gsse everyone is neglecting the Tmobile US customers. WTF?

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    Works for me, Telenor/Sweden. But how do you erase sent messages? Is it only possible through SSH/SFTP or is there other ways?

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    Default UK settings
    this is a good link for obtaining UK provider settings:

    Might have just blown it with o2 though, called then to check if they had me enabled for MMS but they said I was in "iMode" not sure what that is in o2 speak but the guy said it was because I had an iPhone, now how do that know that as the phone I had got when I took out my contract was a K850i.

    Looks like they set my profile to imode when they detected I was using an iPhone and that means MMS will not be enabled on my phone so I cant test this application. Now I'm a little concerned they seem to know I changed my phone and what that might mean in billing terms
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    Ok... I am getting very frustrated... I have used the correct settings for ATT and even called customer service to ensure I had MMS enabled..they said yes because its part of the multimedia package included with the iphone... so...does anybody know why it still wont send mms pic? I get confirmation from the program but none of my friends receive the pics no matter what service they have?????? any help?

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    Can someone please tell me where I change the EDGE settings. I looked under network but nothing is there for me to enter MMS. Please help.

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    Default Mine works
    i am with Optus in Australia and i sent one last night and my girlfriend received it within seconds just make sure your settings are correct. This is an awesome app finally mms on the iphone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mphanord View Post
    Can someone please tell me where I change the EDGE settings. I looked under network but nothing is there for me to enter MMS. Please help.

    • Settings;
    • General;
    • Network;
    • EDGE.

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    THanks for the reply. I tried that but i don't have edge there. Am I missing something. I have locked AT&T firmware 1.1.2

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    I agree, I've checked my iphone, my wife's and my brother's and his girlfriend's and none of us have an edge setting. Is there something that can be added to the .plist to get the edge settings?

    1.02 unlocked-ATT
    1.02 locked-ATT
    1.11 unlocked ATT
    1.11 locked ATT

    Now what???

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    damnit tmobile usa isn't getting any help i guess....
    *the only replacement for displacement is boost!*

    *if its not boosted its not worth having*

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    i'm on an unlocked 1.1.2 phone on T-mobile...i have 1000 text messages that include MMS on a "as sent/received" basis, so i pay for each one i get or send.

    i'm currently using the settings for the EDGE APN, and i know that works.

    ...the settings that were listed in the link in the first post for the MMSC server dont work. I just get the "could not connect" message after about 2 minutes of it trying to send it.

    so i guess that's the update for T-mobile USA...

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    Default MMS messages
    I sent 4 messages to different people and it looks like they sent because they are listed and no errors but they never got them anybody???????

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    I just unlocked another phone with a Tmobile Sim and I see the edge settings under network. However, when i put my ATT sim in the edge tab disappears. I tried numerous times and the result was the same.

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