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Thread: iPhone Mini on Monday?

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    Default iPhone Mini on Monday?
    Well we've heard a lot of rumors about the new iPhone. Most of them tell us that it will be bigger than the first generation but ilounge has gotten the scoop from a Taiwanese company that claims they are manufacturing the screens for the new iPhone. If this is to be believed then we might see not only the new 3g iPhone on monday, but also an iPhone mini.

    The displays in the picture above are 2.8" and 3.2" both smaller than the current 3.5" display of the first generation iPhone. Not only are these displays smaller, but Host also claims these displays are more durable and longer lasting than the current displays being more waterproof, plus resistant to high humidities and temperatures, and without any aging effect meaning the screens will no lose touch sensitivity over time.

    As you can see Host isn't just claiming to be supplying the screens, but also has manufactured some already as you can see from the picture evidence. They also included a diagram of the screen below. Now anyone can claim to be a manufacturer of Apple components in Apple doesn't openly reveal their suppliers and typically suppliers don't reveal that they are working for Apple, but in this case if Host isn't producing these screens for Apple they sure have gone through a lot of work to attach themselves to the Apple name.

    [via ilounge]

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    dont think thatll happen though...
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    hehe second.. just because I've never replied to a post this early

    but yeah.. idk if i would be turned towards a smaller iphone just because
    i think that would be awesome to have all the iphone goodness in a smaller
    new age sized device or stay with the larger sized iphone for screen size...
    and of course if there were any advantages

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    idk, bigger screen is better imo

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    I reckon its plans for a knock off fake china iphones. Smaller display isnt a good thing...

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    Oh god I hope they don't make the screen smaller, that would be a tragedy....The iphone is the greatest device BECAUSE of its large display, even if it's just .3 of an inch I'll be deeply disappointed..

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    of course the iPhone will be in 3 (three) sizes. They no longer produce the common (1.x.x) iPhones, so of course, they produced the king size aswell! I am expecting one more from apple - an iPhone to be with a twin SIM Card used as "laptop". Who orders? 20 for me, please... As in march Steve Jobs announced the 2.0 software... we all were not ready to believe, that its the 2.0.0 software, where the first number is the hardware version of the iPhone. I was thinking for 1.2.0, but this is now 2.0.0 and maybe coming much more on monday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kriffer View Post
    hehe second..

    does anyone think the bottom of the 3.2 looks a little tampered with or stretched?

    im glad they fixed the touch sensitivity problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntor View Post

    does anyone think the bottom of the 3.2 looks a little tampered with or stretched?

    im glad they fixed the touch sensitivity problems.
    It's a fake. The 'circle' on the larger one is stretched to an oval!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglepilot75 View Post
    It's a fake. The 'circle' on the larger one is stretched to an oval!
    It's not stretched! You are viewing it at an angle which gives the optical illusion of an oval.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dazed87 View Post
    idk, bigger screen is better imo
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    Wouldn't this cause problems with Web Apps ans such?

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    Hope it wont happen.

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    Well this would certainly put a crimp in the makers of that Gamepad the iPhone slides into wouldn't it?

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    If it does happen it will bring EVEN MORE people to the iPhone

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    Maybe it is iPod Touch mini with a build-in mono speaker for you to listen like holding the iphone.
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    well i would prefer smaller. that way it could fit in my "cell phone holder" in my car

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    why is it so hard for all of us to just wait for the phone to come out?

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    What's the fun in that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liquidcool View Post
    well i would prefer smaller. that way it could fit in my "cell phone holder" in my car
    You mean that little hole that currently holds your loose change?

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