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Thread: v1.1.2 UNOFFICIAL Change Log

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    Post v1.1.2 UNOFFICIAL Change Log
    The following changes have been observed after upgrading to the new v1.1.2

    • Faster and smoother operatability, you don't feel the lag anytime during a screen change
    • Apps, including 3rd party, respond to functions must faster.
    • 98% of the Apps for v1.1.1 work (they all haven't been tested yet)
    • The volume of the speakers is more louder and does not tear the speaker on high volumes or pitch sounds.
    • The International support with AppSupport makes it now possible to: Receive service SMS's from banks and other operators which are now readable without the gabbled text
    • The Caller ID works without mentioning the country code before the number in the Address Book.
    • VM Notification now works! (Concurrent problem with Rogers and Fido customers)
    • Processing speed and bus frequency of the processor has been bumped up to 412 MHz CPU Freq. and a 103 MHz Bus Freq. (Originally 400 MHz CPU Freq. and a 100 MHz Bus Freq in v1.1.1). This is documented by SysInfo
    • MUCH BETTER Battery Management : -
      - Wi-Fi life is improved as it now switches into a less power hungry standy mode
      - New standby modes for EDGE and Wi-Fi. EDGE standby icon indicates a blue block instead of "E" and Wi-Fi standy icon indicates grey signal strength instead of blue. In turn, the iPhone now searches for EDGE or Wi-Fi only when prompted by the user (opening Safari, Youtube, etc).
    • When entering a password, the shift key acted as CAPS LOCK in 1.1.1. This has been fixed.
    • When you turn off the phone and turn it back on, it goes straight to the home screen instead of the slider screen.
    • A smooth transition is noticed when switching between the Album cover screen and list screen in iPod.
    • Photo Library being a lot smoother, faster scrolling through pictures.
    • Removed the extra 'Contacts' option from Settings.
    • APN SETTING are not deleted after reboot
    • Custom ring tones are not deleted.

    Please update this thread with your discoveries of the new v1.1.2 change log.

    Keep this thread clean by only adding new Changes found in the update. Please keep it free from ANY Jailbreak/Activation/Unlocking discussions.
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    very nice. just waiting for a 1.12 unlock so i can upgrade to it.

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    You can also count this into the changelog,

    Voicemail notification now works on carriers such as Fido. What would before is either the iphone would notify you had a voicemail when you didn't or it wouldn't notify you with a new voicemail when you had one

    One of the big things as already mentioned, is there's no lag switching between apps and such.

    Does anyone else find the keyboard dictionary and keyboard itself much more responsive and predictive in 1.1.2?

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    Default Accented latin and special characters
    I didn't see this info around here:

    also in 1.1.1. you can type latin characters and special keys:

    keep holding on the keyboard, for example, the "e" key and see what happens; for spanish: try with "?" key and see .... an so on.

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    yeah thats good but im waiting for 1.1.2 unlock. So i can operate my phone here in AU
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    # Changes from HackinT0sh will be updated. Thanks shadow_cruiser.

    # All phones prior unlocked via IPSF on v1.0.2 or v1.1.1 continue to work on v1.1.2

    # Request all members to not populate this thread with Unlocking discussions.

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    SysInfo reports a 412 MHz CPU Freq. and a 103 MHz Bus Freq (Was 400/100 in 1.1.1)
    Main Phone: 2.0 / AT&T
    Test Phone: sold

    Don't forget to thank me

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    sounds lovely,
    we should get a list going of what works and what doesn't on 1.1.2

    ill help out as soon as my new iphone gets here

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by amnesia View Post
    SysInfo reports a 412 MHz CPU Freq. and a 103 MHz Bus Freq (Was 400/100 in 1.1.1)

    Sweet it overclocks our phones LOL

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    Just need the latest anysim and we have a full unlocked 1.1.2
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    what about battery life? has anybody noticed any change? better or worse? if it really is overclocked then the battery life might be shorter.

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    PLEASE READ !!! sorry i don't know how to make my own post so ill add it to this

    remember how in the past few weeks everyone has been blameing iswitcher or apptapp for the bug crashes well i jus had it happen to me again but this was really odd you know that ANT program where it crawls all over your screen well they was crawling alright and they were in a line and it looked like a centipede and it then stretched out into 2 lines then 3 lines of ants i think that program may be a virus i have had that ant program in my phone so far on every crash that has happened to me this is the first time though that application has done that ....... i thought id jus let the community know whatsup k

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    Did the Contacts app get removed in 1.1.2?

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    no contacts is there for me

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    1. I noticed it has MUCH better battery management. It won't extend the Wi-fi life but it will switch off Wi-fi in Standby mode (which had before but much better in 1.1.2).

    2. Even you have joined a Wi-Fi network, the Wi-fi icon will turn grey out when it's not in use. Or Edge icon will turn to a square icon without the letter E. That's in Standby mode.

    3. Now you know if you have EDGE or not. With Edge, the square will have a letter E like before. When you are not in Edge, it will just display a square icon.

    4. It is harder to unlock (as you have to modify the AppSupport with HEX Editor yourself). But once you get there, you will find that it has much better support with different countries. As well as a more organize way (but harder way) to modify your own carrier plist file.

    Running IPSF ;-)

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    I don't want to burst anyones bubble, so if it makes you feel better, you can tell me that I am full of it and I will not take offense.

    When I first unlocked 1.1.1 with iFuntastic, I did have the problem of slow screens and slow response time. I thought that it was because I had a lot of apps and a lot of Customize and Summerboard extras. About the time I took everything out and redid my phone with the one step jailbtrakme method, I just loaded a few apps. At that same time there "seemed to be" a lot of Installer and Customize updates. I have gradually added more and more apps. I have added more Customize features. My screens and response times are good as new.

    I really haven't found a reason to go to 1.1.2 and without any real developers knowledge of what is going on, I tend to think that the Customize and Installer updates have smoothed out my previous "slow down" issues. I am very open to the possibility that one of the apps was causing it also. I'm not 100% ready to give credit to Apple for 1.1.2 solving my hacking issues.

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    is the springboard patch available/working in 1.1.2?

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    /\ guys this isn't a thread to talk about unlocking. hello, its a thread about what changes where made to the iphone from fw 1.1.1 to 1.1.2

    i have to say, i had to accidently update to 1.1.2 (b/c i installed sometihingon my phone and it kept crashign over and over, and i didn't get a change to instal oktoprep1.1.2, so i'm stuck on a unmodded 1.1.2 and its running VERY well, better then ever b4. I hope hacking didn't have a key role in our phones running slow/poor performance.

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    Thread cleaned up. Keep it ONLY to 1.1.2 changes, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kapt View Post
    is the springboard patch available/working in 1.1.2?
    Could some one chime in with this little tidbit? Are there multiple pages without having to use summerboard?
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