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Thread: Jailbreaking 1.1.2

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    are you certain, because ipsf does not modify the baseband!!

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    does this mean third party apps will remain on the phone or will it just be fresh 1.1.2 with.default apps and settings??

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    Im NOT upgrading to anything for the moment. I dont care about having the 1.1.2. I am happy with my 1.1.1

    Your World, Unlocked!

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    For those that are jumping at the chance to upgrade becareful as some apps might not be compatible with 1.1.2. I sugguest you wait until someone confirm that all the apps run smoothly before doing anything right now before you run into trouble and no1 can help you yet.

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    Default What exactly does 1.1.2 give you? does anyone know?
    i am curious as to what the new update gives us. not that i am gonna do it right away anyways cause from what i have read it can't be unlocked. i am just curious as to what the actual benefit is of upgrading, other than to say you have the latest update. does this fix some issues? or is it just a method of apple trying to make it so their iPhone can't be unlocked?

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    no updates are available on iTunes for me... weird
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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnie53 View Post
    are you certain, because ipsf does not modify the baseband!!
    yes it was that fact that it didnt brick the iphones like the free unlocks did with 1.1.1. But you still had to pay AGAIN to re-unlock it, remember? It may be the same case with 1.1.2, or not, IP$F may have hit a dead end. You can do 3 things, figure out which one is best for you:
    1. Wait until it is safe and all clear for you to upgrade, there is nothing to jump for.

    2. Wait for an update from IP$F, see what they have to say, expect the price of their unlock to go up by another $20.

    3. Don't wait, don't listen and jump into the update as you are. Don't complain if/when you wreck it

    Edit: this is not to shawnie53 directly, lol just a heads up to the early jumpers, like last time
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    Come on folks. Go to Starbucks buy the caffeinated coffee this time and get your brains functioning. If PF or Cash says "you may want to wait a little" by now you should know that this is wise advice.

    If you're a noob search the threads here and eventually you will come across someone that has asked your question and the answer. If you're going to be modding your iPhone you should learn to do research it will save you from an iBrick.

    man I really have to cut down on the coffee.... :-)
    I don't drink kool-Aid, I don't join cults.
    This is why I break out in cold sweat going to Apple retail store.

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    I dont know why anyone would want to download unless you want the other languages because if that little world icon is always on your keyboard, I never want to upgrade, its such a clutter...

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    Progress is still progress! Very cool to hear, as the update has been out for just about 1 day and already there are ways to jailbreak. I bet that in 1 weeks time, the jailbreak will be fast and easy

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    Hey guys as you can see i dont post that often. For some reason i got hte courage to go and try this. My iphone was locked and itunes didnt have the update waiting so i had to manually download it and update it. So in the end it put my phone back in jail. I dont mind waiting a little bit for the new jailbreak methods. So in the everyone who wants to keep their phones jailbroken WAIT until they come out with different methods.

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    Imahottguy - Its awesome to see you on this site dude!!. Didn't even know you were part of it!.

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    whats the benefit of updating to 1.1.2?

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    No benifits just a load of sh!t....

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    Guys there is no benefits to us what so ever unless you want to put your phone and keyboard in different languages. Other than that there is nothing new that ive noticed. doesnt work. I tried downgrading with ibrickr and the manual way with apptapp and itunes and it doesnt work.

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    This update is completely pointless. Do not worry about it. Everyone speaks english anyway! lol jk but seriously if you care that much about multi-lingual stuff then you would have never bought an Iphone to begin with. Who wants to spend the time to fully re-customize their iphone for such a worthless Firmware. Until something that actually has a major benifit comes out I'm not worrying about it.

    Good News and information though.
    Take Cash and PFs word.. WAIT!! when they say WAIT! Do not brick your $400 phone.. I don't think you'll be very happy.

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    actually, i unlocked my phone using ipsf with 1.02 and then, when i upgraded to 1.1.1, it remained unlocked, all i had to do was activate but i didnt need to run ipsf again or pay again.

    This leads us to believe that ipsf does not modify the baseband, leading us to believe that the phone will remain unlocked throughout any apple update. We simply need to find a way to activate the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gready123456 View Post
    WOW!!! this must be some type of record!!!less than 24 hr jailbroken and unlock....what you got next apple??? I guess the mouse is bigger than the cat!!!!

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    Dont you have to Downgrade to 1.0.2 for this unlock to work?

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