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Hi Mac-Beat, I found the solution (if you are a Mac user). I can not yet report on virginizing and all the other steps (havent done that yet). This is what I did step by step, and I can now ssh my iPhone without any problem:

- use installer on iPhone and uninstall Mobile Finder

- Start Cyberduck and connect with iPhone

- in Cyberduck, select View/show hidden files (or however this is called in the english version, mine is german)

- just for safety, copy the folder MobileFinder from iPhone to your computer (find it in: /var/root/Library)

- delete the folder MobileFinder from iPhone

- again for safety reasons copy the file .profile (hidden, only visible when "show hidden files" is activated in Cyberduck) to your computer. You find this file in /var/root/

- delete .profile from your iphone (it contains only one line, and this line creates the error: ". /var/root/Library/MobileFinder/.MobileFinderProfile"

Done. Now you should be able to go further. Good luck
I did it even simplier...
I just looked into .MobileFinderProfile with 'less' and I saw clearly that it was giving rules to sync... so I was continuously getting that annoying error starting mobileterminal.

mv .MobileFinderProfile .MobileFinderProfileITSUXS

and the problem is solved, no wrong sync anymore!
if you wish, just rm .MobileFinderProfileITSUXS.

BTW, on 1.1.4 .MobileFinderProfile is in /private/var/mobile/Library/MobileFinder

hope it helps somebody