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Thread: Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone

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    Default Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone
    The iPod Touch is a snazzy device, which is nearly the exact same as an iPhone - except it can't make calls.

    Now, using SIP-VoIP and a Touchmod Mic, you can rectify that issue. For under $50, you get the mic, and you can also get a mic/headset for around $60.

    This makes it easy if you already have a cell phone, and/or are always around WiFi!

    You may remember, Touchmod launched SIP VoIP back in January, but they've now apparently found a commercial vendor of the mic they were working on.

    Nice job, guys!

    Full article and how to by lifehacker:

    Video of it in use:
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    Sweet I'm going to mess with my cousins iTouch and get it to do this


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    not gonna lie that is pretty sweet
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    looks interesting...esp now that fring is out...

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    previously known as iWant 1.1.1 dev-base...

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    Didn't work with my ifone (SIP-VoiP) it is mean!!!
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    This is absolutely fabulous, I knew it would come, but didnt know when.
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    Nice Work

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    do you guys realize how old this application is?? i had it on my touch over 3 months ago. i now have an iphone though.. sooo old you guys

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    Works great! But there's a few seconds delay when making calls.

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    Its just like Skype, Samething as Skype to be exact.. Been out on the PsP for a long time this is old news.. Next.

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    I'm sorry I can't get over the fact that the guy is like 12 years old

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    Hahaha yeah, I got a little thrown off at a 12-13 year old kid doing a better tech demo video than most adults I see on YouTube.

    Good going, kid. This is going to add a lot of value to the touch once its stabilized as a VoIP phone.

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    My question is that lets say if you make a call, on the other phone what does it say under the caller id, and do you have to pay monthly?

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    Great stuff!

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    yes the program is old but the point of the post was to show the microphone____wait for it ..... nevermind

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    that is sweet but you will need to be near a router to get this to work, or just buy a cantenna =) a jumbo cantenna, naa then everyone will start attacking your network

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    It's nice and all but the mic is still $50.

    However, without the mic you can call people but not talk, only listen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iCity11 View Post
    Sweet I'm going to mess with my cousins iTouch and get it to do this

    an "itouch"?? whoa! what's that?? is that some sort of crazy new apple product i haven't heard of yet??

    sorry... had to.
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    What's the point when you can only use this with Wi-fi, it's $50 for a mic, it has lag, and it's got an ugly dongle on the bottom of it? Just get an iPhone and you won't have to deal with all this. :P

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