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Thread: Fring it. Fring it Good. VOIP on the iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonm253 View Post
    yeah man if u guys can add virbrate and when ur not in the app it has like the number sign over the app like emails so we can see...i'd rather have that then vibrate...good far the best app for IM.

    especially when it shows it reconnecting
    When you are getting out of the program instead of hitting the home button hit the button to take you back to your list of buddies then hit the home button. Then when you get a message it will put a number on your home screen when something comes in. Looks like a minor issue with the programming. Hope this work.

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    it keeps subscribing and subscribing !!
    then i tried to make a call it shut down and did not want to load anymore !! any ideas

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    Silly question, can i make free call with fring? how to setup, lease share. Thanks all

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    Great program, how do I delete the fring test contact?

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    Yeah has anyone tried it on an iPod yet???
    I am Olim. We are Olim. And we just did this- together!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidnuka View Post
    Running 1.1.4 and the app runs great but I also had all my SMS chat erased. Even when I received a new SMS it was erased almost immediately. Glad some ppl are not having a prob with it but I guess I'll wait a bit longer to reinstall again.
    Same problem here. I'll wait for another release. It also has problem connecting to AIM via Edge but not WiFi. Gtalk didn't have the same restriction.


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    Quote Originally Posted by iPhoneMadness View Post
    I installed and tried it out. Connected fine on wifi, got messages quickly, ect.

    When I turned wifi off, it tried to reconnect. So I'm guessing it doesn't work off edge?

    I received a text so I went to write back, all my text conversations have disappeared, and it wouldn't send what I was writing back.

    I restarted, and sent a text just fine, although all my convo's are still gone.

    I'll use it again when there's a less-buggy update.

    I'm on 1.1.3 unlocked/jailbroken w/ziphone.
    T-mobile, EDGE w/t-zones hack.
    yeah, Ihad the same problem too. Fring fragged my fone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by desepticon View Post
    every time I try to make a skype call or even use the fring test call feature it just puts right back to the dialer and says "reconnecting". Anyone know how to fix this?
    yup same problem...test call doesn't work...but it works on my friend's i think just have to wait for stable release
    unless anyone else has encountered this problem and managed to solve it which case please help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    Yeah I'm having the same problems as u. All it does its just says subcribing and thats it... I can log on to MSN messenger though....

    Please help us...
    Just keep trying it.. it will go through...

    Worked fine for me on my iPhone.
    No problems with SMS messages being deleted.
    Skype calls OK.
    SIP calls ok, during the first few seconds of the call the other party cant hear my voice, but then everythig is OK.
    Had problems subscribing to Skype but after a few tries everything went throught OK.

    One suggestion: It would be nice to be able to disable Skype or MSN etc and be able to loginto them again without having to Subscribe again.
    This would be useful when I'm using my PC and want to make a SIP call (when Fring logs me in to MSN I get logged out on my PC).

    Probably one of the most usefull apps on the iPhone at the moment for me.
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    how can one place a call to a landline or cell phone using this app. Skype only lets calls go through to other skype users correct?

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    Works great here..iPhone 8Gb, 1.1.4 fw...SIP for VOIP and AIM problems at all...

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone jasonm253's Avatar
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    i can confirm this doesn't stay connected on wifi. Even with isonmia on. I can care less tho this still is the best **it

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    Default .
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    What's Jailbreak? ab0530's Avatar
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    so is this better than all the other AIM alternatives?

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone jasonm253's Avatar
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    i would have to say yes

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    imho up to now yes
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    This is something to keep ppl occupied for some time while pwned for windows is released..

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    Wow, what liars... Directly from
    first ever mobile
    VoIP app for
    iPhone users
    I guess they didn't do their homework. I wish they could make an ipod touch version to work with touchmods mic. Because Sip-Voip lacks the communication from other chat clients.




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    heay since it uses wifi then it must be possible to use it on ipod touch too? right? does any one have any idea or tried it yet?

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    u know what. i have vonage and its VOIP. it would be sweet if i can make a call using that number over wifi on my iphone. anyway to make it happen with this app? sorry if this is hijacking the thread or anything, but since we are on the topic of VOIP. that would be sick.

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