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Thread: Linux is here !

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    Talking Linux is here !
    Over at one of the team has managed to port linux to the iphone. This is a quote from the site,

    Here's a nice little video of it in action, [ame=]iPhone Linux Demonstration Video on Vimeo[/ame]

    "This week’s funday is today! Devteam member planetbeing has done a phenomenal job reverse engineering Apple’s hardware drivers and now for the first time ever, linux is available on the iPhone and first-gen iPods.

    Just thought you peeps might be interested.

    If iv helped say thanks, Thanks, Ritchdan

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    This isn't for the faint of heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 461am View Post
    This isn't for the faint of heart.
    I was reading about this early today....Its not for the noobs...

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    No GUI whatsoever and you have to run input through your computer. They are running a basic kernel and that's about it. It's extrmely impressive from a programing perspective but just not very useful or practical for anyone at the moment.

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    after this I assume getting android wouldn't be hard (after they get this fully runnin that is)

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    Awesome! Just like the old days with Unix. Just entering commands in the shell with no GUI. This is going in a great direction though. Pretty exciting.

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    Yes!!! Shouldnt be too long before we have useful and GUI iLinux : )
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    this sure has dropped off the map. what happened to linux on iphone?

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    I would just stick to a Jailbreaked iPod Touch at the moment, its too complicated for newbies - theres no GUI, you have to run it through your computer, etc. I personally haven't put linux on my iPod yet aswell. Once its gone far in development with Gui, etc. I'd put it on my iPod.
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    This is the best news I have ever heard. If there is a linux distro or many to choose from for the iphone that retain calling, sms, and data plan usage then I will never sell this phone.

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    Any further word on development?

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    Glad to see that it's making progress it's a cool concept tho i will probably never do it :P

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    Anyone know if i switch the kernel from a gui computer linux with the iphone ported kernel whether it'll work?

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    lol i didnt know it was even possible

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    any progress on this in 2010?

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    where is it at? i dont see linux? where can he be hiding

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadenyuki678 View Post
    any progress on this in 2010?
    The 'Linux on the iPhone' blog is still active and gets frequent updates, the same is true for the iDroidWiki. New idroid binaries was released 20. may 2010, and PC World published an article on how to install android on the iPhone. The iDroidWiki has an to-do list, and the project is still work in progress, but if you are into the geeky stuff you can dual boot iDroid on the iPhone and try it out, they do have alot of stuff working as it is now.

    As for running a pure linux kernel on the phone i think it will take some time before any non-developer binaries are released, the kernel seems to be working but they still need to reverse engineer drivers and get the portet to the different phone versions. Some months ago i remeber reading that calling was not possible from the current linux system.

    All in all i think the best best is the iDroid will be the first alternative system to run on the iPhone.

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