I have compiled the linphone source code for iOS 7. When I first enter my linphone username and password, it crashes. Following are some of the output lines.

resolver_process_data dns_res_check() in progress
No SRV result for [_sips._tcp.sip.linphone.org], trying A/AAAA.
Loaded DNS server:
resolver_process_data dns_res_check() in progress
DNS resolution awaiting response, queued to main loop
sip.linphone.org resolved to
channel 0xcbd8000: state RES_DONE
transaction [0xc642590] channel state changed to [RES_DONE]
channel 0xcbd8000: state CONNECTING
transaction [0xc642590] channel state changed to [CONNECTING]
Trying to connect to [TLS://]
2014-01-23 01:28:24.961 linphone[4921:a0b] Battery state:0 level:-1.00
2014-01-23 01:28:34.963 linphone[4921:a0b] Battery state:0 level:-1.00

Plz help.