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Thread: Simulated Touch Screen Event

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    Question Simulated Touch Screen Event
    I know that what im asking is an event in terms of programing but i am not a programmer. im looking for a program that can press a button on the screen at a given time or when a pop up comes up and a button needs to be pushed. i noticed that some apps have this timer mechanism to see if the person is still there and would need to press a button.

    Is there a tweak or app to program your iphone to press a button when it pops up? or at a given time?

    AND NO i dont what to do it this way

    1. Open Cydia and download Veency. No icon will appear, but that's ok.
    2. Download a VNC viewer on your PC (I used TightVNC, but any other VNC viewer will do)
    3. Download an Auto-Clicker on your PC (Again, it doesn't matter which one you choose, but I used Easy Macro Recorder)
    4. After having installed all programs, open your VNC viewer.
    5. You will be asked for your IP. This should be the same as the one on your iDevice (To find your IP, navigate to settings>Wi-Fi and tap the blue arrow next to your connection. It should be somewhere in there)
    6. Accept the prompted message on your iDevice.
    7. You will see your iDevice screen on your PC (it may be black, but that's because of the viewer not able to view all apps)
    8. Run the Auto-Clicker.
    9. Record the desired path with your mouse.
    10. Play back your path with the Auto-Clicker.
    11. Done!

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    Okay are you talking about simulate a touch on your iPhone screen? Because I believe there is a way to do it, it'd be a little complicated because you would have to set the desired time intervals for the simulated touch event, and desired location, but assuming you'd want to use it on more than 1 app in more than 1 location, it would probably have to know when you leave that app to stop the simulated event, which I guess wouldn't be too hard, I'm sure you could create an activator method that gives you an alert to and tells you to tap the screen where you want the auto tap to press and then a let you pick a time interval, and then link against the Method thats called when the home button is pressed and tell it to end the auto tap if it's activated, I'm assuming that'd be the best way to do it, but I could be wrong

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