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Thread: Trying to create a personal app

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    Default Trying to create a personal app
    After slogging through a bunch of google searching on the topic (not easy when you work, attend college, and make time for your wife and toddler), the best info I have on creating an app is some online tools that cost money or want to publish the app or both. I am broke, and really don't intend the app to be used by others.

    There is an app in the Cydia Store called AppDialer. It allows you to draw Android-security patterns and uses them to launch apps via Activator. This is pretty cool. What I would like to do is modify this app slightly to allow for other options, like showing an image or some HTML from a folder on the device with the same actions. I know that it might also work to just create an app that displays an image or HTML, but having one for each image/HTML I want to display seems to be a lot of duplicate code for not much utility. Writing each HTML page and installing it into a folder could be annoying, but having a second app to create the files on the fly is another matter altogether.

    I also have questions about what can be done with HTML on the iPhone, but I can probably look them up. Notably the largest question is whether the you can create push-button sounds like you can with regular webpages.

    I have not tried contacting the original writer of the AppDialer yet, either. Pointing me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi, there is a Cydia Cydget which is quite informative if you install it. It is called Places Cydget and another called Facebook Mobile Cydget. Cydget is a JavaScript lockscreen utility which allows you to toggle different lockscreen views with the home button. I have Cydialer, BBC News, Weather Radars and webcam views on mine. The Cydgets are located at
    And if you look at the index.html file you get a good idea of the JavaScript used.
    If you look at the Facebook Mobile Cydget index.html file, you will see it is simple to edit this to display any website on your lockscreen. The Places Cydget uses two buttons on the screen. It's index.html file also give you an idea of the logic used with these buttons.
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    Thanks for the info! Turns out I am a dummy who did not RTFM. Turns out you can access web pages with it. Supposedly, using the right URL, you can browse files on the local file system, which is pretty close to what I want it to do. So now my attention turns to what I can pull off using safari as far as HTML: clicking buttons to play embedded sounds, linking to other pages on the local file system. This can likely be solved with simple experimentation.

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