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Thread: create own mobile app?

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    Default create own mobile app?
    hey evryone,

    This is my first post here and i have been using a jailbroken devicefor years. Ive been inspired by all the third party apps that why not make my own. I want to start out small but either wantto make a web browser or an app very similar to bitesms just better(if its possible). So really my question is, how do i start? Im hoping to either start from scratch or possibly take source code and mod it. I have no money so the budget is 0 and i have no programming experience except for verilog which has no purpose. I will appreciate all input as i expect professionalism and creativity from anyone. So thanks in advance for your help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeylb01 View Post
    Im hoping to either start from scratch or possibly take source code and mod it.
    You could use other source code to help get ideas and test some things but if you try to release it publicly or sell it you may get yourself into some big trouble. It all depends on the licenses that they are under.

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    I understand that. I dont really plan to release it publicly.mat most cydia but idk yet. I want to startbgetting into the development or design stage of the app. So like do you know of any programs i can use that are free and easy to use?

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    Same here. I want to create an app for my school project demo. I just want to code a simple app that uses the phone camera and makes text bubble+text appear when certain gestures are used to sort of Fake the Augmented Reality effect.

    Is there any programming tools out there that is like xCode but works on Windows ?

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    CREATING your own mobile application has never been easier. If you thought it was something where you had to pay a programmer thousands of pounds to develop, then you are sorely mistaken.

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    You can't create iOS apps (easily) on Windows. If you meant Windows development, look into MS Visual C# Express (free).

    If you have a Mac, you can download Xcode + iPhone SDK for free and practice development on the emulator - you have to pay and join the development program load software on your iPhone. (Or cheat with jailbreaks, but that also violates licenses.)
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