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Thread: Im totally new here, where do i find Tutorials and stuff like that?:)

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    Default Im totally new here, where do i find Tutorials and stuff like that?:)
    Hi, my name is Joey, i'm from Germany.
    I scripted some QBasic and LUA a little time ago and it was pretty fun.
    I also did alot of stuff around Jailbreaking and ssh, until my Cydia Icon disappeared one day:P
    and i was too lazy to jailbreak again, because then all my stuff used to be gone... music, games, notes...
    But now i did again and NOTHING GOT LOST! WOW
    so yeah, i want to script some stuff for the iphone/ipod, like all the things you get on cydia. I'm tired of "only using them"
    My ipod is almost empty, i just got around 100 songs, no videos, 50 pictures and the rest of the 8GB are Games and Jailbreak stuff
    So yeah...
    I just want to see some tutorials how to script for the ipod (no applications, i tried that before and i didnt get anything because there are no tutorials on windows... I found out how to script, but i got no clue what to do with it:P

    I hope you guys can help me out and give me some advice where to look



    So i downloaded some stuff like "ldid" (with L, not i), c compiler (i needed libgcc for that, found fake-libgcc and installed it),"make", and the toolchain 2.0.
    I also downloaded a "helloworld" example, but i couldnt compile it because it got an error with "UIScreen", saying its the first use of this function... And at the end error1.
    So i got no clue what to do... I did all of this on the ipod terminal, just got windows, no mac:P
    could someone help me? Do i have to downgrade to Firmware 2.0 so it works?
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    There are many programming tutorials available. I started by reading everything I could find from Jay (saurik, author of Cydia). Lots of useful info on Cydia's home page. Never found everything in a single link, like most things, it took hours of research. The best advice is google is your friend

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    So do you script on your Windows, too? Or on your Iphone/ipod Touch?
    Or do you only script on mac?

    Okay, im trying to set up Linux on my computer since 2days:P
    but i got confusing errors, it says it cant find a package, i ignore, it cant find the next one either and so on... And there are more then 1200 packages and i got tired of clicking, so im trying it again with downloading.. But 4.7 gb takes some time...
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    Start simple. Object Orientated programming is nothing like QBASIC and LUA scripting.

    Learn something simple like Java if you dont have a Mac and get used to classed. If you have a Mac, download XCode and start learning Objective-C from the ground up.

    Jumping into full development with no OOP experience is gonna get you right into trouble and frustrated.

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