Ok so I got Unity3D iphone and all but I am at a total loss on how to use it.
I have looked for tuts and have failed miserably so now I have come to you guys for help.
I want to create a simple third person game(third person as in GTA China Town Wars Style except a bit closer).
In this game there will be one game mode, endurance.
You must go through a small enough level and survive.
So you basically play a member of U.S.A.F and you have a couple weapon classes such as Assault(Assault rifle, hand gun & explosive grenade) & Recon(Sniper Rifle, hand gun & explosive grenade)

I don't want someone to build this game for me, but I want to be pointed in the right direction as in how to get the third person effect, building the landcape & or buildings etc.
How to create weapons etc. create characters & enemys etc.
I dont want you to start giving me code or anything, I just want a tut.

Thanks in advanced.