I'm currently developing a camera application for iPhone 3G and I've found out that I need to use "PLCameraController" in order to get real access to the camera. I read an article that described how to get access but I still have some problems that I can't solve.

I've added PhotoLibrary.framework to my project and have used class-dump-X to get the header to PLCameraController. So far so good!

But where shall I place the dumped header files?

I've tried to just add the header to my project (drag 'n drop it in XCode) and imported it like this:
#import "PLCameraController.h"
But that gave me the following error message:
#import "PLCameraController.h" but by doing that I get the error message:
error: ___CFConstantStringClassReference.h: No such file or directory which is imported in PLCameraController.h.

So I believe that that way is not the correct way to go.
Is there anyone that could provide me with instruction on how to proceed?