First of all hello to everybody!
Before i start this thread i would like to describe one of the most "hurting" issues on iphones: dead stripes on touches, wich leads to partial or total useless of the "jewelery". I saw a lot of ppl having this problem (me among them) especially with first gen, out of warranty, or not covered by it because they have brought from ebay. The cost of a repair is for some as i extremely high on first gen of iphone because it involves changing the whole ansamble (lcd+glass+digitizer+connectors), unlike the 3g or 3gs that can be changed separate (they are not sticked together). For instance i brought mine with ~200euro and the replacing of touch screen would cost ~170euro . The most used app for the iphone is still the phone itself, and having these dead strip means you cannot touch some keys (in my case: 4, 5, 6) . Now...for ppl with whole touch screen broken or unresponsive there is no software solution, but for those with only a dead stripe as mine, a possible solution is an app or a modiffied file who makes the dialer rotate in landscape mode when the iphone is flipped (like safari or other apps) and changing that way the position of the keys outside the dead strip...The question is: can someone develop such an app or file who would spare all of us spending a lot of money changing the hardware part? I saw some videos with SDK making it possible for other apps to start in landscape, but not for the dialer itself... Personally, i dont own a MAC, and neither have coding capabilities, therefore i`m kindly asking (and challenge ) developers to consider making this kind of app. Would be possible???