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Thread: Making apps 1.1.3 compatible

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    Default Making apps 1.1.3 compatible
    Does anyone know what is making many of the apps allegedly incompatible with the new firmware? I know that apps that use the root dir will need to use the mobile dir instead, but what else will need to be changed? I haven't yet upgraded, and I'd like to make sure Garf and Funiculus work.

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    Garf works on 1.1.3. I didn't try Funiculus.

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    And of course, I guess all those apps using /.../LaunchDaemons will stop working. Moreover, apps using the IOKit (see my posting regarding waking the iPhone from sleep) won't work. Not sure what workarounds would be necessary.

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    I am not a developer, but most apps that are not working have to do with the folders they are in I believe. I could be way off, but from what I read this seems to be the case. As for stuff running in the background (daemons) there may not be any easy fix if Apple just straight up blocked them. I suspect that most apps were not disabled necessarily on purpose by apple, it was just the nature of the update and getting ready for the SDK.
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    Does anyone know if there is now a sudo command? Would a 3rd party have to add that manually?

    Also, how will some apps have the ability to access IOKit and some not? I'm not too familiar with the whole Unix permissions there a file in which this is specified? Could the permissions on the frameworks be changed?

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    could you just change them using WinSCP?

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    i just tried using WINSCP and it seems that mobile is only a shortcut to root. I'm trying to get customize and summerboard onto my ipod but i'm not a developer and i have no clue what i'm doing. I did read somewhere that someone got summerboard working on 1.1.3. by just tricking your touch by changing the .plist file somewhere where it says its 1.1.3. to 1.1.2. but i have not tried this yet and this guy sounded fishy and all over the place.

    Also, off topic kind of but when i used the new brickr to upgrade my touch, it went perfectly but my ipod searches for a network/service and fails. Can i stop this in any way?

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    Issue the chmod +s to your app and it will run with "root" permissions instead of with "mobile" permissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberGreg View Post
    Issue the chmod +s to your app and it will run with "root" permissions instead of with "mobile" permissions.
    can you giv an example of how to type this in for say

    chmod +s ? in term

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    Quote Originally Posted by drpeppir View Post
    can you giv an example of how to type this in for say

    chmod +s ? in term
    From the folder;

    chmod +s NES

    From /

    chmod +s /Applications/

    I would guess that you might have to revise / update the ROMs folder as well.

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    I'm on 1.1.3 and used the installer app alot. It's very frustrating that you have to download each app to see if they work.

    I really miss (send a song) lets you send the songs to your ringtones
    swirly mms
    SMS Notifier
    iSMS or SMSD

    Anyone have any luck with this. I took the Dev teams advice and used their way to upgrade to 1.1.3. From reading it looks like NATEs allows more working apps

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    I upgraded to 1.1.3 some times it sucks but its ok every works minus send song which was a good program , need that back or something close to it , but other than that the only thing that doesn't work is you tube

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    nes app is looking for roms and the i put the roms in the folder
    what should i do to get nes to work in 1.1.3

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    I used the NateTrue method, and the only problem I had was with the backspace thing, but it was a simple fix.

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