Cubeios7 Premium!

This is the premium version of the already released Cubeios7 FREE version! This is one of kind ios7 Winterboard theme that is different than all the others. This unique theme is very attractive.

Included in the premium:

Removal of the Black boxes around the icons.
The ability to add shadow or not add shadow.
The Custom Cubeios7 Load Screens.
The calendar icon and notification badge icon text can now be modified.
Icon mask to help make Icons not already created look adaptable to the Cubeios7 Theme (also with or without shadow effects).
New updated status bar that includes colored cube shaped service signal, colored Wi-Fi signal indicator and a new charging icon.
Custom “”Cubeios7”” lock screen slider available in all languages.
Custom dialer keypad
The ability to turn of and on shadows, status bar, load screens, and custom dialer keypad

Working on updates:

Working on more app icons to match the Cubeios7 Theme.
Working on Control Center Theme to match Cubeios7 Theme.

Recommended tweaks to install to help with your Cubeios7 experience.
Springtomize 3 – You can change the Icons Scrolling animation to “Cube Outside” to give your phone and extreme cube like feeling!










Keypad when pressed

Keypad not pressed

Some of the Additional Icons Created(can only post 15pics per post)