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    NEWS : 07/10/2014 - One year later, I decided to bring this theme to a next level... It will now be totally free. I cannot make the package on Cydia compatible with new devices and iOS but all the files can be freely shared here on this thread by anyone who owns the theme. Just continue to mention those who worked for this beauty and especially for those who make it live everyday. Thank you guys.


    Donations at ulysseleviet[at]gmail[dot]com

    PSD files : HERE


    Good morning folks!

    Once again, I open a thread on this forum in order to reveal a "new" theme for your devices.
    As you all know, theming is getting more and more difficult nowadays with Apple's updates so the themes at this moment often say "the last theme you'll be using on your device". I'm not really convinced of that. I'm sure people will continue modding their devices, as long as there will be jailbreak tools.

    But one thing is sure : this project is the last one where Ulysseleviet will be involved. Yes. Many of you already are aware of that, my life is radically changing and I won't be able to handle complete themes projects as I used to. Maybe some little updates here and here on small LS or widgets... We'll see...

    So now it is time to present to you a "new" project. Not so "new" because Coffee Diary was already shown a while ago by ellersbee. Poor guy has more important things to do in real life. I respect that. So Paradox_v1 asked me to help Tree113 to port his project on iOS. I was already working on Motif with Srioz but it was too interesting!

    And now a few weeks later here I am, bringing you a cup of coffee... First I thought it would just be icons and some UI. Was really hard to explain Tree113 how to create iOS design! But we found our way and now we are offering you a very complete theme. Of course, you will always be able to say that LS Calculator is missing, reminders, iTunesUI, Maps, SBSettings, NCSettings, Facebook, WhatsApp, TweetBot, etc... But let me tell you what you'll find instead :

    All stock icons with 5 different easy-to-use PSD
    Stock Apps UI : phone, compass, VM, Safari, chatkit, Notes, Clock, Calendar, Weather, Camera, Settings, Mail, iPod, Basic Calculator, TelephonyUI, all folder
    Most UIImages and Siri
    Velox, MBEx, Auxo, biteSMS (by iLarke), miniplayer, 5 Zeppelin logos, biteSMS theme by iLarke
    3 different fonts by FontMe, 6 iWidgets by daddykool, 1 HTML LS by daddykool, colorkeyboard

    Yes, Coffee Diary is not a mockup or a project anymore. This is a real iOS theme which will bring the softness and luxury our devices were waiting for.

    Coffee Diary is alive, working on iPhone 4/4S and 5 and is brought to you by a new team : TrUTheam (follow us on twitter @TrUTheam) composed by Tree Gao (Tree113, chinese designer) and @Ulysseleviet (creator of Truxe, Thémis and co-creator of Motif).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Logo-TrUTheam.png 
Views:	1700 
Size:	268.3 KB 
ID:	643748

    As usual we received much help from a couple a persons we'd like to thank : paradox_v1 (without him, we would't have met each other), ZooropaLG (always got the good eye), daddykool666 (mister widgets), boubakAy (many icons created by him), iLarke (calendar and biteSMS themes are from her), FontMe (how could a theme be made without his help?) and all the others we forgot.

    Release date is planned for Friday the 5th! Coffee Diary will be submitted on macciti repo and ThemeIt store.

    Stay tuned folks, thanks for being respectful each others on this thread and let's see what you come up with

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