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Thread: LS Perfection for iPhone5

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    Anyone know how can I make the Torch tweak compatible with this LS? Thank you

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    Loving the theme!

    Just have a few questions. Even after the above mentioned 'wallpaper resize fix', it seems as though my wallpaper still will resize after unlocking. Any suggestions on changing dimensions in the LockBackground.html file?

    As well, I was looking to use my own Slider. How do I go about removing the current 'arrow slider' included with the theme?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Is it possible to put 3 small icons above the slider for email, SMS and missed calls and show the number of missed mails, sms and calls like in this picture?

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    How did you change the camera icon on the LS? Thank you.

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    Can some one tell me how do I get this theme I can't find it on Cydia new to this some one help pls

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    How do I change the weather? I can find the code to enter what city I am in.

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    First off thanks for the great theme

    I just have one issue, when I receive a call or make/receive a facetime call the font is difficult to read and the background is different than the perfection background. This only occurs when I don't have an image for the person calling. I've attached an image to show you what I mean.


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    So I download Jmille wallpaper and pic 1 is what I got. After changing it to LockBackground.png the second pic is what happens. Somewhat stretched. -imageuploadedbymodmyi1360937652.464283.jpg-imageuploadedbymodmyi1360937662.608738.jpg

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    Sorry if this was answered before I read through everything but I can't seem to get notifications on this LS. Is there a way to make that happen or is it not possible.


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    Love this lockscreen!!


    Modded it to fit my needs!
    Added a few lines of code so i can move the overlay around independently from the main image.. Then its just a simple mod of the info locations and done!

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    Love this its simple and clean.

    I'm not very familiar with code, could someone advise me what to edit to move the clock up and down along the side to adjust with my own background?

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    I know there is a second theme within the "extras" folder which has no weather.
    But is there a way to get rid of the weather on the original theme? Ive been trying to look in the lockbackground.html but have not found what i need yet

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    How to remove the website from under the temp? Tried changing the wallpaper but it's still there.

    EDIT : Nvm, thank god for Gimp
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    Is it possible to show an icon when I have a missed call or got some sms or having icons for sms and calls and showing number of missed calls/sms?


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    Still trying to figure how to hide the wifi bar.

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    Hey .. Can somebody tell me, how to change the clock from 12 h to 24 h??

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    Quote Originally Posted by sacred View Post
    Still trying to figure how to hide the wifi bar.

    Can you please post that wallpaper? Thanks!

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    Thank you for this Lock Screen!

    One thing though, how do I use a Canadian City name to work with this? I've tried adding «Quebec, Canada.» but it doesn't seem to work.
    Can we just add the YahooWeather location number somewhere?

    Thank you,

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    You know what ? this guy will probably never reply to you guys. Why ? because it's not his theme, and he may not even know how to theme. He just added the weather and changer wallpaper of the original theme called LS Nimbus.

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    How can I get this where at Ty

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