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Thread: G5 Icon Theme EP

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    Default G5 Icon Theme EP

    For those who know me as murdercitydevil from MacThemes, I was the guy who did Teneo HD, Nobelis HD, and a few other small themes. My last icon project, called "G5," was started in 2011, previewed on Dribbble, and soon abandoned because I landed my first graphic design job and subsequently lost all free time to making icons. Since then I've had people ask me every now and again what the status is, and every time I told them it was a dead project that would probably never come to life. I was just contacted by forum member ellersbee inquiring about G5 and decided that I may as well just release it to whoever has any interest in it, since I won't be able to complete it any time soon, if ever.

    ellersbee mentioned the possibility of the community finishing the theme, and on that note, there's a copule things: First, the base PSD is essentially for reference only - as you can see from the finished icons, all of them use a modified base to achieve the proper realistic feel for the respective metaphor. Second, with that in mind, G5 doesn't really have a set "feel" to it, nor a real direction in terms of what other icons should follow. The name of the game, if anything, was a Jaku-esque attention to detail and the use of metaphors that aren't seen too often, like the 2G phone icon. Lastly, there are some things missing - I don't know how, but the PSD for the calendar icon disappeared, and the Messages PSD is from an earlier version, not the one you see on my Dribbble.

    And going along with that, I'm not going to organize the G5 folder, so make of it what you will. Obviously, nothing is bundled or packed up. I'm interested to see what, if anything, comes of this so I'll subscribe to this thread. Good luck and enjoy!


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    Andrey Thank You!!!! I will work on this!

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    Looks awesome !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellersbee View Post
    Andrey Thank You!!!! I will work on this!
    Cool! If you work on it like you did Coffee Diary, it will be amazing!

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    ^^Youre a Joker. Why don't you put out something graphically by yourself. You cut sounds...hooray. When were you EVER invited to a theme by a Creator to make a single image....NEVER!!!!! So open *** stick in ****
    I don't have time for garbage like you. Go "attempt" to be a bully somewhere else; in fact, keep it up. I like seeing your name brought up places on how much you're a loser.
    I'm on EPHD iOS6 Alpha Team....what are you on?
    NOTHING!!!!! So go away little Boy!!!!

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    Calm down!. I was just saying that it would be amazing and you've exploded in rage and gone into self preservation mode! Not sure why you need to defend yourself while going on the attack like this, but what a way to ruin a thread and sound like a fool in the process.
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    I saw these on your dribbble and this looks awesome! Great job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    I saw these on your dribbble and this looks awesome! Great job.
    Thank you very much! Believe me, I would love nothing more than to be in a position where I can devote my free time to working on icons, which is what I love doing the most, but it just isn't possible right now. I hope you guys can make something of it!

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    Wow!!! Going to open this template up. Any possibility for a 114X114 template?

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    Hey ericjames
    You can normally just resize the psd in 2 steps:
    1. Resize Canvas from 118x 120 to 118x118 (from middle TOP)
    2. Resize the canvas of THAT image again to 114x114 (now from MIDDLE)

    enclosed is that base with the resized canvas as described

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