Im hoping you guys can help me out.

I have a iphone 4/ Jail Broken

I currently DL the Asymmetric HD theme for Dreamboard
When i went to the Dreamboard app, the toggle screen comes into view and i am able to switch to the Asymmetric HD theme.

The problem occurs when i lock my iphone. When i unlock the iphone, the Asymmetric LS comes up just fine, however once it unlocks my original default theme pops up instead of the Asymmetric theme as well as being partially unresponsive to any touch signals.

I say unresponsive because the home button still works, I can double click the HB and the bottom screen lifts up (However non of the apps will open)

but ultimately it is frozen in the default theme and wont slide to other pages or anything.

Luckily i did have SBS settings which i can open by swiping finger along the top of the phone which then i can respring the phone. I have to respring it a couple times before it finally opens to the correct theme (Asymmetric HD) in which then i can go tot he Dreamboard App and switch to the default which then brings me back to my old phone with no problems.

Any one of you guys wanna take a crack at why this happens?

I read somewhere that i need to use Dreamboard Beta, but according to other forums, i have the most updated version of DB 1.1.4

I also tried to use ifile and move all the files from user/library/dreamboard and pasting the link to the root menu,