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Thread: [Preview] Soft Motion - Style. Clean. Colorful. [iOS 6 Compatible]

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    Lightbulb [Preview] Soft Motion [iOS 4, 5 & 6 Compatible]
    Soft Motion

    The time has come to show the world a BRAND NEW masterpiece.
    I introduce to you, S
    oft Motion.

    (This screenshot was taken by a iPod Touch 4g, iOS 6.0.1. Everthing what you see now may/will be changed on the final product.)

    As you can see, I only made the Lockscreen, Homescreen & the Icons.
    That's because I just started making this theme 3 days ago.
    This theme will be finished within 2 weeks, so I can release it in Cydia, for just $2.49!

    What's the progress right now?:
    - Animated Lockscreen
    - Homescreen Wallpaper
    - Custom Stock Icons

    - Auto-Skinning App icons

    - Weather In-App Images
    - Media Player In-App Images
    - Safari In-App Images
    - SMS In-App Images
    - Clock In-App Images
    - YouTube In-App Images
    - Notes In-App Images
    - Calculator In-App Images
    - Compas In-App Images
    - Prefences In-App Images (Settings)
    - Customize Stock Icons in

    - StatusBar
    - Phone Dial
    - SBSettings
    - And Alot More!

    [Green = Finished]
    [Orange/Yellow = Working on it]
    [Red = Need to start]

    Supports the following Devices & iOS:
    -iPhone 3GS
    - iPhone 4
    - iPhone 4S
    - iPod Touch 2g
    - iPod Touch 3g
    - iPod Touch 4g
    - iOS 4.x.x
    - iOS 5.x.x
    - iOS 6.0.x


    You can post Mods in this Thread once the final product has release on Cydia, but if you want to get listed here, in this Quote, you need to send me a PM. I can't check every posts here in this Thread.


    I'm planning to giveaway my finished product to 6 random people!
    Rules are simple, just post a post on this thread. You need to have atleast a total of 200+ posts.


    I am strictly against Piracy if it's Tweak/Theme/Application related. People DON'T know how much time Developers/Theme Makers make to get their product finished. Some of the Developers/Theme Makers make their products for you and/or themself, mostly of us see this as a hobby, and doesn't really care about the revenue they get, what they only care is that their fans are happy. But others, like me, DO care about the revenue, they got a lot of reasons why -- one of my reason is, that I want to make a living of it. And want to support my family in the future by making beautifull artworks.
    Look at this article I found on iDownloadBlog.
    It's too sad for words.
    I spoke to some other Developers/Theme Makers outside MMI, atleast 90% of the installed products are cracked/download from a pirate repo.
    If you think like this, when you go to Cydia, and type something in Search..: ''Oh what's that blue letters thing? Oh wait, it's a commercial package.. Oh! What's that thing under this package? It's the same package, but without blue letters? OHHH!!! It's free!!! Hmmm, wich one should I download?''
    ..Yes, people will think that they can have the EXACT samepackage, without paying a darn! People are so smart...
    Now, in other words.. I canīt tell to you that you need to buy my package, that choice is up to you, you can ofcourse do the ''Try before buying'' thing, that's okay.. Your just checking if everything works fine, if it looks cool or whatever, and if you gonna download it for free, please note, that the Developer/Theme Maker needs your support!
    I found an interesting Website, made by JunesiPhone, called iThemeSecurity. You can check it here.
    Before my theme is completely finished, I will send it to June. This doesn't mean that it unhackable.. Everything made by humans is hackable. Once the hackers found a way to crack/hack it, I will set up a Special Anti-Piracy Team to go against the piracy on Cydia. I have some amazing ideas that can stop Hackers for a while, and let them feel pain. That's it about the Anti Piracy.
    Thank You.

    Do you think this theme looks amazing? Are you planning to buy it?
    What do you want to see?
    Post your thoughts RIGHT NOW!

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    Looks good! And I definitely could not agree more with you on the issue of piracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadJ3d1 View Post
    Looks good! And I definitely could not agree more with you on the issue of piracy.

    *Added ''Giveaway''*

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