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Thread: For You [Free Christmas Gift]

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    Default For You [iOS6 iP4 & iP5 Compatible Theme]

    4 You 2

    A WIP that's now out of Beta. As always, I try to put as much care into my work as possible, and I thank all that have offered feedback. So far it contains:

    -Alternate Bevel Automask
    -All Default Apps themed [Including iOS6 maps+passbook].
    -Some custom App Store icons.
    -Automask for App Store, NC, and Settings icons.
    -iOS6 WeatherIcon skin.
    -LiveClock skin.
    -Some cydia preference icons.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HomeScreen_3.png 
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ID:	648406
    Hello :) I have a little something for the MMi community. I've put many hours into this latest project. I've had a little extra stress lately, and I find some comfort in designing things, so this is what happened :)
    There's no teasers, and no promises. Just a release date of Christmas day [2012], at the latest. It may not be your thing, but if you enjoy free stuff, then subscribe, and you may even get something you like....or it could just be that knitted jumper you never wore ;)

    The Name
    I honestly don't know. I did some Latin research, and it just felt cheezy. So maybe "caseus", which I believe is where the word "cheese" derived from :p In all seriousness, this particular project has been called "4 Vic" during construction. The odds are small that your name is also Vic, So I had thought about "ForUcon" [for-you-con]. If anything comes to mind post-release, then please share your suggestions :)

    -This is NOT a woollen jumper. I'm truly sorry if you're into jumpers, and I've got your hopes up over nothing.
    -This is also NOT the theme that Schnedi and I have been working on. There was a slight design hiccup in the icon overlay, and Schnedi doesn't have frequent access to a jailbroken iPhone. So hence we had to halt production on the icons. We've since tested all options of that matter, and I can start work on them again.

    4 You 2 (Icons) [1.5]
    1.) You'll need iFile or some method of SSH, and Winterboard already installed.
    2.) Download "4 You" from HERE.
    3.) Transfer and un-archive (unzip) to, var/stash/Themes/
    4.) Apply "4 You 2" above any active themes in Winterboard, and re-spring.
    4.) The zip contains a separate alternate automask, that can be applied above "4 You 2", to create a bevel on all appstore apps.

    4 You(i)[0.3.0]
    1.) Download "4 You(i).zip" from HERE.
    2.) Transfer and un-archive (unzip) to, var/stash/Themes/
    3.) Apply "4 You(i)" in Winterboard, and re-spring.
    4.) If you're on iPhone 5, there's some support by downloading 4 You i5, and Apply above "4 You(i)" in Winterboard.

    4 You (Icons) [1.8]
    1.) Download "4" from HERE.
    2.) Transfer and un-archive (unzip) to, var/stash/Themes/
    3.) Apply "4 You" above any active themes in Winterboard, and re-spring.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	4 You[HomeScreen].png 
Views:	890 
Size:	1.01 MB 
ID:	627556

    Alternate Clockify Theme
    Made from the scratch, this simplistic clock face adds a nice touch for those who like minimalism. Includes Day and night hands and faces.
    1.) Download "4 You Clockify[Alt].zip" from HERE
    2.) Transfer and un-archive (unzip) to, var/stash/Themes/
    3.) Apply "4 You Clockify[Alt]" above any active themes in Winterboard, and re-spring.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Clockify.png 
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Size:	228.5 KB 
ID:	619738 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Alternate Clockify.png 
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Size:	232.1 KB 
ID:	619736

    4 Auxo
    Two Auxo skins to suit "4 you". Now includes iPhone5 toggles, media controls, and subtle "pressed" feedback images. All toggles and images made from the scratch. Features a detailed set of custom toggles (including latest DND and Settings), Active app overlay, and most table icons themed. Version 2 now available, with a redesigned toggle and matching cream switcher elements.
    1.) Download your prefered version from: 4 Auxo[v1] or 4 Auxo[v2]
    2.) Transfer and un-archive (unzip) to, var/stash/Themes/
    3.) Apply "4 Auxo" in Winterboard, and re-spring.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	4 Auxo Preview3.png 
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Size:	1.24 MB 
ID:	636273 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	4 Auxo[V2][3].png 
Views:	502 
Size:	1.26 MB 
ID:	636270

    Simple Slider[V2]
    Don't be misled by it's simplicity. All shapes are created in illustrator. Granted, I robbed the phone and lock from previous icons, but the power is a new one;) I hope you enjoy, and I'll add PSDs, alternate camera, and slider colours, in the near future. Wallpaper is by genso, and included with Auros. Thank you.
    1.) Download "Simple Slider[2]" from HERE
    2.) Transfer and un-archive (unzip) to, var/stash/Themes/
    3.) Apply "Simple Slider" in Winterboard, and re-spring.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Simple Slider2 Preview.png 
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Size:	555.1 KB 
ID:	620928

    I won't post screens of the iWidgets, just to save space. Here are the links to the posts where the iWidget has been shared.
    -dk Chalkboard iWidget
    -The Drifters Digital Clock Icon iWidget
    -nateD_dk_Meth357_Ezra Scalable iWidget
    -Alexse25 Clock iWidgets
    -Alexse25 SlideShow iWidget
    -User Pic iLarke/Alexse/Meth

    Other Mods
    -SC4 Theme by Alexse25 [iPhone4]. [iPhone5].
    -SC4 Theme by Meth357 [iPhone4].
    -Icon Based Loading Screens [iPhone4] .[iPhone5].
    -Ice Dock [Cydia] [DropBox].
    -LS 4 You by Steph [iPhone4 + 5].
    -4 You 2 Thread Icons.
    -MiniPlayer Skin by Alexse25

    -The main icon package, and Auxo support iPhone4 and 5, on iOS5x and 6x. The UI only supports iPhone4 iOS6x at this stage. I'm working with macinmac to provide some iP5 support.

    -NO need to enable summerboard. The icon overlay is not too destructive on the automasked icons. Look at Tweetbot for a good example. Courtesy of a bit of trickery with the frames, you can still get a reasonable effect.

    -This still needs a bit of help from ThemeIconMaker. I have a few icons in the works, but it's an ideas thing. Sometimes I feel like making the detailed icons, and sometimes I have an artistic block. Some icons are also best done in a simple glyph. I've tried to keep it simple. There's a bit of a balancing act between detail, and simplicity. In case I didn't manage to pull it off, I also included some simple versions for those who don't like too much clutter.

    -Why is the package so big? It covers the usual suspects when it comes to this sort of thing, and sometimes you gotta be thorough;) Some of the features include:
    *Clockify icon theme.
    *NC and settings icons.
    *IntelliscreenX Ticker icons.
    *All default apps themed, including iOS6 passbook, and maps.
    *Many cydia app icons.
    *Lots of app store icons. a search in the package, on "Alt", and check "4 You.theme/Bundles/"

    Chalk Board Wallpaper
    I'll start the ball rolling with this wallpaper. In all it's vector goodness, using a total of 0 vector packs. Enjoy and critique my pen tool attempts. Includes a vector "duster clean strip" that I made. Obviously credit to both greenp0ison and the apple logo, but also NOT sourced from a vector pack. Some might say "why would you share that"...Well, because I can, and I wouldn't be able to, if others had not shared similar knowledge. Simple as that. Learn from it if you're new, and make it better if you're fluent in PS. Thank you. Download from HERE
    Credit to the evasi0n team for the logo, but also NOT sourced from a vector pack. In order from left to right; [1]Normal layout. [2]Lower glyph version, for use with my Simple Slider. [3]iPhone 5 version. Thank you.
    -evasi0n preparation wallpaper PSD: iPhone 4
    -evasi0n preparation wallpaper PSD: iPhone 5
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Evasi0n Preparation.png 
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Size:	457.3 KB 
ID:	620922 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Evasi0n Preparation[SS].png 
Views:	448 
Size:	457.3 KB 
ID:	620923 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Evasi0n Preparation[iP5].png 
Views:	605 
Size:	549.9 KB 
ID:	620924

    Icon PSDs
    As per request, I'm pleased to share my icon PSD. I have decided to keep all the layers vector, and not flatten anything. I also made a start on a quick guide for beginners, hope it's useful. Feel free to critique my work, modify it, share it, credit/don't credit me...heck, even port it to android without mention of me for all I care ;p Doesn't matter what I say, the inconsiderate ones who're going to pass it off as their own work, aren't going to be considerate enough to ask me anyway. All I ask is please don't charge for it. I'd love to hear your feedback if you get a chance to have a look at the PSDs, I'm always open to improvement, and once again, I'm sharing this because I can, and I wouldn't be able to, if others had not shared similar knowledge. Simple as that. Thank you. Download from "4 You" Icon PSDs or "4 You 2" Icon PSDs and A vector BlueRay icon PSD for the second icon set

    Credits and Thank you's
    -Vic. Without whom I'd probably have given up on design by now. This project was a present for her first. Thank you.
    -Alfroggy, for all the help and troubleshooting he's provided on the UI, icons and the little details:)
    -Macinmac, for testing and providing feedback.
    -BobVK, for all the testing, support and feedback.
    -Alexse25, for iP5 support, and some very nice mods.
    -Schnedi. This project originated from us throwing ideas back and forth. I made several versions of this, but it didn't work with what we had in mind, so it got thrown in the ideas bin. So thank you for the motivation and inspiration.
    -cl1ck4207. For your kind words of encouragement. Thanks for your support mate.
    -dansaDisco. For all the knowledge he shared, and everything I learnt from him, thank you.
    -The MMi community, for giving me a place to share my creations, and all your support. Thank you.
    -Everyone that contributes, or shares PSDs. I learn heaps from all your work. Thank you.

    UPDATE 4 You 2 [1.5] Changes
    -SB Settings [+ Alt].
    -True Skate.
    -Wells Fargo [+ Alts].
    -CommBank [Money Icon].
    -New Vine [+Fix for latest app].
    -YouTube icon swap.
    -Tentacle Wars.
    -Starbucks [AU and US].
    -New Shazam Encore [+Fix for latest app].
    -New Settings icon.
    -A bunch of new preference icons.

    UPDATE 4 You(i) [0.3.0] Changes
    -Added Media Player controls.
    -Calculator skin. This includes the loading screen for now, but as I theme more default loaders, I'll add it to a separate package.
    -Whats App skin updated.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HomeScreen 2.png 
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Size:	1.20 MB 
ID:	651198  
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