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Thread: ToPaz (by Dacal aka @DacalMe)

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    Default ToPaz (by Dacal aka @DacalMe)

    After all my previous themes (Jade, Silex, BaSalt), it's time to show you my current project. Still in beta, but close to be released.


    I want to thanks all my beta team, no specific order : Slate004, Durben, Chris, Zooropalg, Schnedi, Sephiroth, Chevymusclecar, Stratnik, SmitBeat, Destan, King O Hill, MamaJaay, Metaserph and RKO1195.

    You're awesome !!!

    This theme is available on Cydia, for 2.99$. Off course, as you may know, make a theme is a long, very long work. I appreciate a lot if you pay for it .

    BUT : i can understand that people can't/don't want to pay for a theme. So, i will accept private messages from MMI users and i will giveToPaz to all that ask for it (need cydia ID).

    I prefer that people use an original/legal theme, not a pirated theme.

    No more bla-bla, here are the screenshots... And the video

    LS Widget (with a touch/slide function, a slideshow & animated weather conditions)

    SB Widget (scrolling informations and animated weather conditions)


    SBSettings Theme

    Discover the theme with a video

    Amazing mods for ToPaz


    A lot of widgets, icons, LS,... in this one ! In fact, nearly all you can find in this thread is here... Thx a lot my friend ! More simple to find stuff like that

    Go here :

    From RKO1195

    Quote Originally Posted by RKO1195 View Post
    Ok I've been on these three widgets for hours trying to get them fixed and had to redo two of them completely,and they are i4 and i5 ready just put on your device and it will scale for the device your on nothing to do! want to say I really appreciate you Dacal for all you do bud! Thank You ok here's my ToPaz LS it rotates between your LS wallpaper and weather pic and you need wallpaper JEPGifer its gps and woied code so we good lol

    MediaFire - Space for your documents, photos, videos, and music.

    And here's the ToPaz SB same thing with it ready to go. There's a layout for i5 inside MediaFire - Space for your documents, photos, videos, and music.

    And here's the Anim SB that rotates with your wallpaper on springboard you can put the slide speed to 0 in Config and it will just show Anim weather
    There's a layout for the i5 in folder hope you enjoy!

    ToPaz Anim SBi5

    From DESTAN

    "Clockify Theme"

    Go here :

    "Created 4 overlays for springboard widget for those who want them.
    Remove the number in front of Overlay_2.png"

    Go here :



    Go here :

    From DURBEN

    "Animated weather iWidget based off Dacals Basalt Lockscreen
    Includes tap function for additional info and forecast.
    Lots of options in the options window when loading.
    You need iWidget tweak by eldwin (Cydia MMi repo)
    You also need MyLocation app for GPS weather by crazyvivek (update for app on 5.1.1 by bushe)
    Credit to Dacal of course for the awesome weather scripts and animation.
    Credit to Destan and RKO for the "icon" layer frame."

    Go here : DB_Dacal_Topaz_AnimatedWeather.rar

    "GPS Lockscreen. Shows user pic in BG. Need wallpaper jpegifier tweak and set through settings/camera roll.
    Has touch function for weather drop down. Tap top area around the clock/date
    Set C or F, language and other options in Config.js
    Also can use woeid instead of GPS. Options in Config.js"

    Go here : DB_ToPaz_GPS_DropScreen_LSv2.rar

    From hell7

    "LS big weather(Gps) touch double
    Credits to Dacal and oldster."

    Go here : ToPaz LS SS

    More to come
    Last edited by Dacal; 06-20-2013 at 02:47 AM.

    My themes : Jade HD, Silex HD, BaSalt HD,ToPaz
    All are on Cydia and/or Theme It.

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