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    Default [PREVIEW] Paragon
    This is a preview of my upcoming theme, Paragon.
    It is being developed exclusively for iOS 6, the range of devices that will support Paragon is not yet decided.


    Free Tile Movement

    No more annoying edit mode or up/down options, you can now move the tiles like they're meant to be. Simply press and hold on the tile you wish to move and it will pop up and become draggable. When you are happy with your layout, press the home button or the tile to save it.

    Changing Tile Sizes on the Spot

    When you press and hold a tile, you are given the option to resize it to your liking. Not much into messaging? Make the tile small and put it out of the way. Always have some important appointment? Make the Calendar tile larger and it will show you what's on plan for today. Easy and simple with the touch of a button.

    Built-in Search Function

    If you have a lot of apps installed, your app list might get a bit too long to find everything fast. Just use the search function to easily find what you are looking for.

    Custom Notification Banners

    These new banners are system-wide and replace the default iOS ones. They have new animations and completely fit the theme, you can even slide them out of the way to get rid of them.

    Custom Volume HUD

    Getting rid of the obtrusive iOS Volume HUD, this new one, like the banners, is system-wide. Whenever you press a volume button, this small bar will appear on top and inform you about the current volume. If you have music playing, the new HUD will also give you media controls.

    Bulletin Tiles (Work in Progress)

    In an attempt to bring a better live tile experience to your device, these tiles utilise the info stored in push notifications and display what is new on the tile itself.

    Progress Update 23/9/12

    And More To Come

    I will update this page as I make progress
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