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Thread: nHD [Preveiw]

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    Ok, I'll send them a message later.. I could use people's input on apps they use most, so I know which apps I should theme first.. And also if theirs any UI Element from any Nintendo Related item you'd like to see in the theme, feel free to post it..

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    love the shape, reminds me on revi krs....when doing the mask be careful to make sure the mask sits in the middle of the 114x114 because the glyphs of the auto icons will look weirdly cut otherwise

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    Thanks for the tip, And I was getting bored with the whole square icon thing So that's part of why their that shape.. Maybe next I can make a theme with more circular Icons, similar to the Vita..

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    Love the icons!

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    nice look

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    Love the icons. Btw I'm on iPhone 4S and 5.1.1 if you need a tester on that setup. Also I can maybe help with widgets.

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    I could actually use a couple people with 4S' I still have a lot to do.. So it may be a while before I'll have anything to test..

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    Sign me up for a beta test 4S on 5.1.1 too. And those icons are really unique. Waiting to see more

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    I think (For early beta testing at least) I'll focus more on the UI, and have mostly the Stock Icons, and some Cydia icons themed... And have the rest of the icons auto themed...

    Hopefully I can start beta testing some time next month depending on how much extra time I have...

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    And we are also working on something special for this theme as well I hope we can get it how we want it.

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    Here's a small update,
    This is what I have so far on the

    Anything I should change?

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    very promising mate, waitin patiently

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    Quote Originally Posted by butler007 View Post
    Love the background you've made for the page, very unique I think the bin and menu button at the bottom may be a bit too square though, what does everyone else think?
    Yea, I noticed that.. I got a couple ideas on how I could change it...Hopefully Soon I can Show off some more icons and some more App UI..

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    It looks nice, I will be waiting for it.

    You're doing a great job dude!

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    Well Here's what most of the Stock Icons look like.. I think I forgot to make one for Facetime..
    They should be self explanatory, I didn't include the Videos Icon, mostly because I forgot to.. xP
    But it's already on the front page so if you must see it it's there...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -iconpreview2.png  

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    I'm liking the look of this will keep an eye out
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    these icons look really good! hope you finish this, we need something new and different.

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    Defiantly looks interesting =]

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    Thanks for the support guys..
    Feel free to like my Facebook page (I don't use twitter too much at all) For possibly quicker updates and screenshots..
    My Facebook Page

    I'm gonna start on some Cydia App Icons, hopefully I can get a few done so I can post a new preview on here soon..

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