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Thread: ayecon for iOS

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    Default ayecon for iOS

    (for more ayecon screenshots, click here)

    ayecon for iOS, pronounced "icon" or "ai-con", is the benchmark in iOS theming. ayecon was designed to utilize every single pixel in Apple's Retina display to the max.

    Apple has done an amazing job with their iOS's look and feel and that's where ayecon based itself from. Still keeping somewhat of the iOS look and feel but this time, adding more details that you thought never existed, brighter colours, crisp textures—everything.

    In ayecon, every icon shares its own a little story and every detail's surreal from the fabric texture to the brushed metal volume scrubber. ayecon comes preloaded with everything that you'd ever want in a theme from over 150 icons plus auto-app mask to full system user interface modifications. Once you use this theme, converting back to stock just won't be the same.

    Request and share!
    This will be the official thread of ayecon on ModMyi, where people can make icon requests and others can help fill those requests because when purchasing ayecon, a .PSD file will be included.

    What others have said
    "Your new theme ayecon looks amazing. Would donate a kidney just to get an early copy"
    -Ryan Petrich (rpetrich)

    "ayecon is gonna be the new benchmark for iOS theming!"
    -Chris Simpson (apocolipse)

    "This drops harder than Skrillex dropping the bass!"

    Available now in Cydia Store for only $2.99


    If you don't want to go through every since page looking for an icon, here's a DropBox link to third-party icons for ayecon:


    *Follow me on Twitter for support or just because and/or visit my portfolio website*
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -ayecon-availnow.png   -screen01.jpg   -screen15.jpg   -screen02.jpg   -screen07.jpg   -screen06.jpg   -screen04.jpg   -screen03.jpg  

    -screen12.jpg   -screen13.jpg   -screen11.jpg   -screen08.jpg   -screen05.jpg   -screen10.jpg  
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    Looks awesome! I've been using Jaku for some time so this might be the perfect occasion to switch

    Great work!
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    Holy.. I like it a lot!
    Have a random themeing/jaku question? Hit me up on twitter to avoid an off topic post. I am glad to help.

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    Just marked it on my calendar. Very nice man.

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    Wow, looks awesome man! Definitely gonna buy it!

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    Very nice!!!! Wonder how the automask will look..

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    Looks awesome, can´t wait !

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    Can't wait to try this out! Good job on the icons!

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    Another AWESOME theme by Surenix! I will be definitely refreshing cydia on the 8th! Looks amazing! Thanks Surenix!!!

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    Very nice ! Amazing job.. Will def get it when it comes out

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    Very sharp details.

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    Looks great. Any chance you can post screenshots of what app store icons will look like? Ones that aren't included in your icon pack.

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    Looks nice

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    Top post updated with app masking screenshot.

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    To be honest I didn't like your previous theme but this one looks amazing!!!
    We have the new Jaku here !!!

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    I still use inpulse and like the simplicity of it.

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    Wtf!!! That automask is damn sexy!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!! Wow...

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone FoSixBoy's Avatar
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    Beautiful! Nice & clean.

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