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Thread: [Mods] Metroon

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    I downloaded the loading screens from the first page but I'm not sure how to use them... any advice anyone? Also would anyone happen to have a light blue background (like the Windows 8 logo colour)? That would also be useful. Thanks in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyZ83 View Post
    That is something that only EndFinity would be able to change since it would be in the dylib file
    Ok, thanks for your reply DannyZ83. If that is the case, I bet I have to give up with this thing... Just out of curiosity, where is this Metroon dylib file located in iFile, cause I am not able to find either it nor anything that is connected or related to Metroon lockscreen (except the lockscreen .png's). Editing could be done through some .css file, right? Problem is I cannot find such files anywhere...

    Next best thing at this point would be getting rid of the lockscreen that comes with Metroon then, is this possible? In other words, rename the lockscreen folder or file (if there is one somewhere to be found) and thus disable it, and keep the original lockscreen (with LockInfo). Or is there version of Metroon without lockscreen?

    As I wrote earlier, this "date not fitting the screen" thing is really annoying, at the moment the date under the time dispaly reads only "maanantaina, ...", which means "monday,...". So, no other info to be seen on the screen; no month, no day number. Of course the three dots after the day name indicate that the further info (month, day) IS there, but because of too big font size (in this case) and/or no abbreviations made, it canīt be seen. If the language on the lockscreen was English or the date was in numeric form, I bet there wouldn't be such problem, so is it possible to somehow have it in English (or is the date automatically translated to Finnish?).

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    The dylib is located in Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ but you cant edit that file unless you have a mac and xcode(i think thats what is used) and EndFinity's source code. The Metroon Theme does have a Fonts folder so you can try renaming each one of those one at a time and respring until you get the one that is used in the lockscreen or lock the phone in desktop mode to get the default lockscreen but that gets annoying. Or course just set you language to English

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    Yeah Track 8 is pretty awesome and i wonder is there a way to make t8 the default music player?

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    How can i change the lokscreen of this theme?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNF-APEX View Post
    How can i change the lokscreen of this theme?
    You can't. The only thing you can do is to lock the phone while in desktop mode

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    Hi, i'm very new to the forum and I have a question that how can I create a "desktop/hub" from the screen tiles? Thanks for all of your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by cananhtung View Post
    Hi, i'm very new to the forum and I have a question that how can I create a "desktop/hub" from the screen tiles? Thanks for all of your help
    No. You can't. End would have to implement that into the theme.

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    How can i change the clock on the lokscreen to 24 hours?

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    Forget about it!
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    this theme needs folders. i've seen it done in many spinoffs but can someone do this.
    or can i import from the spinoffs?
    if so how do you do it?
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    None of the download links work. it says it was invalid... can you plz fix that. or (in my opinion this is better) put the mods in CYDIA...

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    Can someone make a winterboard theme that goes with this theme that's SD?

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    My mind has no limits!

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    Never mind!
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    Made a SoundCloud icon set

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    Can you provide dl links

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    I will try when get home. I am just testing some ideas and not all of them are ready. Do you want any specific?

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