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Thread: [RELEASE] Lineas HD Theme (iOS 5)

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    Default [RELEASE] Lineas HD Theme (iOS 5)
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    is the weather animated

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    No, weather is not animated.
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    Wow, so quiet here
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    Is the ipod themed too?

    Donation is different from Payment

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    If you mean the music player - no. Maybe in a future update.
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    Nice and clean, good work Primo!

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    if people has to donate to be able to get this theme, then it is payment. donation means people have their freedom to either donate or not. and donation doesn't have minimum, people are FREE to donate whatever amount, not to give a minimum!!! some themes are offered free and have a choice if you want to donate or not but they are still giving it for free even you don't donate. so yours means its PAYMENT as you cannot get this theme without paying!!!

    there's a lot of nice themes out there which is given for FREE!! why would i pay for something which is much less nicer.
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    Congratulations for your first post, great one!

    First of all, nobody's making you to pay for this theme! If you don't like it, you don't buy it. Simple as that!
    And second, in PayPal it's called donating. Payment is different. Otherwise, you're right, but it's my choice what to do with my theme.

    Have a great day/night!
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    i did not say i want to pay for this theme coz i'm not even interested. and of course, noone can make me PAY for something i don't like. i'm just saying if people has to donate to get something it's not donation. and paypal is not donating as i use paypal to pay for something i buy online and it's PAYMENT not donation.

    of course, it's your theme you made a lot of effort to do it so you need some donation to take back something from all your time wasted in doing your theme. good luck in getting donations!

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    join date dec 2009 and only two posts for all in thisthread
    if you mess araound the threads youll see all themers use the same method..
    so be calm and try to be more kind babe...

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