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Thread: Neurotech User Made Icons

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    Arrow Neurotech User Made Icons

    Neurotech icons are semi-transparent and bright white with a distinctive blue glow. The following is a tutorial on how to run Photoshop actions in order to quickly and easily make icons for Neurotech.

    What you'll need:

    1. Photoshop CS4 or newer
    2. The Ntech Icon action script (Download it here)

    About Photoshop Actions

    Photoshop actions are basically a way for a user to record themselves, then play back that recording in order to automate complex or redundant tasks. If you'd like to know a little more about actions go here: Adobe Photoshop * About actions and the Actions panel

    To install the Neurotech icon actions into Photoshop, download the action script above and place it on your desktop (or some place you won't lose it). Start Photoshop, in the drop-down menu on the Actions tab (Alt+9), select Load Actions and choose the Ntech Icons.atn file. This will load two different actions into the Action menu under Ntech Icons: Icons Load and Icons Glow.

    The quirky thing about actions that takes a little getting used to is that the conditions in which the icons are created need to be exactly the same each time.


    • The image must be a square (same number of pixels for height and width)
    • The correct colors must be loaded into the foreground and background color picker (see References & Hints below for RGB's)
    • The layers must be named correctly and selected, and
    • There must be a selection highlighted on the image.

    As long as these conditions are met the action will create a perfect icon every time!

    The basic idea is that we'll take a large image of the icon from iTunes (512x512) so when we shrink it down to icon size (120x120) the lines will be smooth and anti-aliased. It is recommended never to use an image smaller than 500x500 pixels, although anything higher is fine, provided the image is square.

    Now on to the fun stuff!

    Step 1: Copy the icon image to the clipboard from iTunes.

    • In iTunes, right-click on the app image and choose Get Info. Under the Artwork tab, right-click the image and choose "Copy"
    • This will copy the image to your computer's clipboard.
    • Alternatively you can copy an image from the internet (right-click an image and choose Copy Image).


    Step 2: Load the image into Photoshop

    • Start Photoshop and do not create a new document, just leave the Photoshop window blank.
    • Select Icons Load from the Action menu and press Play.
    • Make sure to choose the correct fore and background colors. (See References & Hints below!)


    • The 500x500 pixel image from iTunes should appear.

    Step 3: Select the area you want for the icon

    • Use the selection tools in Photoshop to select the areas that will show as white on the icon.
    • Use the Magic Wand tool to select areas on the image - adjusting the Tolerance parameter on the tool will control the quality of the selection.
    • There must be a selected area on the image and Layer 1 must be selected in the Layers Panel in order to continue!


    • Select the Icon Glow action and press play.
    • The action script will run, adding glow layers (set as the foreground and background colors), flatten the image, then resize it to the correct size.


    • Done! Now save the icon to the proper theme folder.

    References & Hints

    Foreground Color (RGB): 150, 214, 246
    Background Color (RGB): 12, 56, 78

    • Don't worry about centering the selection - The image will be auto-centered when the script is run

    • Whatever area that is selected becomes the white area of the icon. There are some fancy tricks you can use for increasingly complex shapes. You can create multiple layers to the image, highlighting and filling one section at a time, adding or deleting selections to that layer - the only thing that is required is that there only be one layer remaining and named Layer 1 before you run the Icon Glow action.

    • You can even skip the first step and build the icon from scratch if you so choose. For example, create a new 500x500 pixel document with multiple layers, each layer containing a complex series of shapes. You can then add or subtract or duplicate those shapes onto Layer 1 and build very complex imagery very quickly. Or you can create selections from multiple images! However, before you run the Icon Glow action you must 1. have the proper colors selected in fore and background and 2. there must only be a Layer 1, selected with 3. an area selected within the image.

    • Once you run the action it will destroy the canvas and your work so you may need to save it depending on how long it took to make!

    If you have any questions please email me: [email protected].

    Try to avoid the Modmyi messaging if you can - it's a bit more inconvenient.
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    Update 8-2-12 Chainguns Ntech icons 2.0Neurotech Custom
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaingun View Post
    First! i mean reserved for icons
    First the worst. Second the best. Oh and... Er... Reserved!

    Don't really have an icon set but can do requests. Only really on weekends though

    -sonic.png -fluer-demo.png -gtrdemo.png
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    Awesome. Maybe if some people are willing we can request game icons on this thread. You know you like to avoid those J lol.

    Maybe someone could do

    Minecraft PE
    Icon@ 2x

    Infinity blade 2
    Icon@ 2x

    Fruit Ninja
    Icon@ 2x

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    I got these I was gonna do a minecraft one anyways

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    Lol thanks chaingun

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    This is what I done a few days ago -

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -minecraft.png  

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    May i request:


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    Words with friends already has an icon in neurotech, though that may just be for the paid version not sure. There is one for Temple Run in my post above as well. To ensure we can do them to the standard of quality that we are all working for (and since we can't all buy the apps that everyone needs the icons for) it would be helpful to post the bundle name and the icon name as well with correct capitalization and such. Jahooba detailed how to find that information
    Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
    Hey guys, make your own Neurotech glowy icons! After comparing the original version to the Photoshop method (which I detail in this tutorial), I think the Photoshop version may be better! Of course, there are still advantages to using 3D so I'll stick with that. Oh, and I've never made a tutorial before - they're really kinda hard to make!

    You can download a PDF version of the tutorial here: Ntech Icon Tutorial

    How to find Folder and Icon names:

    *I use iFile mostly - you can also use AppInfo on Cydia, but it fails to locate icon names a lot.*

    The icon name: To get the name of the icon you need to find the app folder. Apps from the AppStore are found in /var/mobile/Applications. Apps from Cydia are located in /var/stash/Applications.

    Open the corresponding app folder and find the folder that is a .app folder. For example:

    In this folder you can find the icon png. You'll need the name of the icon for the iPhone 4, which usually ends in @2x ([email protected] is the most common - if @2x isn't there, it may just be named icon.png or Icon.png)

    Important: You'll need the name of the icon file EXACTLY as it's spelled, capital letters, dashes, etc., exactly or it won't work.


    The BundleIdentifier: This one takes a little more sleuthing. Inside the .app folder, the same place the icons are located, is a file called info.plist.

    In iFile, open this info.plist file and in it you'll find a line that says:

    Underneath this line you'll find the information you need. Usually it starts with "com."

    For Angry Birds it's com.clickgamer.AngryBirds

    Like the icon, this must be spelled perfectly, with the capital letters, dots, etc. It may not start with "com.", but it's ALWAYS the string below the CFBundleIdentifier string.

    And lastly, this is the "WinterBoard" way of theming icons, as opposed to the old Summerboard way where you make a folder called icons. The new WinterBoard way is far more efficient, and is the way that it will be done in most themes moving forward.
    personally i like to use ifunbox to pull my information such as bundle name (the icon name is listed as well but it's usually pretty evident which one is which example for iphone 4 is [email protected] usually, sometimes icon-114 or similar
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    I went a slightly different direction with minecraft updating the icons a bit will reupload and start on some more later tonight -step.png
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -icon-2x.png  

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    WHAT'S ON-? not sure what this one is
    TRANSLOC- done need bundle and icon name
    MFPRO- not sure what this one is
    IMUSCLE- done- need bundle and icon name
    GARAGEBAND-done need bundle and icon name
    GROUPME done need bundle and icon name
    TEXAS POKER done need bundle and icon name

    PANORAMA-which panorama? there are like 3 of them
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    Nice job. Hope to see more game icons
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    Default Could i request a few icons
    TD Canada Trust
    NHL Game Center
    Pocket MV
    Gas Buddy
    Bell Mobility Self Serve
    Bell Moblie Tv
    Gas buddy
    Theme Icon Makes

    I would make them myself but i have absolutely no skill in the matter lol thanks a lot

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    I'm always glad to make some icons, however i do request in return that you provide the bundle and icon names so they can be added to the cydia package that Jahooba is wanting to make in the future. I'll go ahead and get started on them but i won't post them until i have that information.

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    Icon name: [email protected]
    Bundle: com.gasbuddymobile.gasbuddy

    Bell Mobile TV
    Icon name: [email protected]
    Bundle: com.quickplay.BellMediaPlayer

    Td Canada Trust
    Icon name: icon_app.png

    NHL Game center
    Icon name: [email protected]

    Bell Mobility
    Icon name: icon.png
    Bundle: ca.bell.bellselfserve

    Pocket MV
    Icon name: [email protected]
    Bundle: com.pocketmetaverse.pmv

    Icon name: Icon.png
    Bundle: com.bslapps.iSNES

    Icon name: [email protected]
    Bundle: com.zodttd.gpSPhone

    Theme Icon Maker
    Icon name: [email protected]
    Bundle: com.philippe.ThemeIconMaker

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    Ok I think we need to have an official template for requests. What do you guys think of this format

    Name of app
    Bundle name
    Icon name

    EDIT: hey I got some info for those icons someone requested
    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]
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    perfect, also like the new icon megaorange working on a few from the above list now will post them later tonight

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    Awesome good luck. You mean my avatar? Ya it's cool I wonder if anyone knows what it is

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    Doc Oc's Claw?

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