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Thread: Neurotech User Made Icons

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    icon request thanks
    espn score center
    ring central
    pw torch
    nba 2k 12

    and is the avatar the sharrigun from naruto not sure of the spelling lol

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    icon request thanks
    espn score center
    bundle id:com.espn.ScoreCenter

    ring central
    bundle id:com.RingCentralMobile

    bundle id:com.squareup.square

    pw torch
    bundle id:com.UIEvolution.PWTorch

    nba 2k 12
    bundle id:com.2ksports.nba2k12iphone

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    You realize There is an edit button and yup you guessed it it's the sharingan

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    -set-5.png-set-6.png-set-7.png-set-8.png-set-9.png Most of the requested icons are done, but i still need bundle info for a few to add them to the upload First post updated I did two NHL icons, one with lettering one without let me know which one you like better Gonna redo gasbuddy, i don't like how the hose turned out
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    I like the one with the NHL these are so awsome thanks

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    Nice work on the icons. I don't think you need to redo the entire icon, I think you could salvage it by just slimming and evening out the hose

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    probably i still have the icon i trimmed it from and i should be able to clean it up a bit, but that's a project for tomorrow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megaorange View Post
    You realize There is an edit button and yup you guessed it it's the sharingan
    Yeah I know it's all good hopefully I can get those icons made I will apprichate it

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    okay I know you're getting lots of requests but a jetpack joyride icon would be awesome along with appadvice, and the bellco banking app keep up the good work chain!

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    create a folder

    EX)Neurotech User Icon.theme
    ->(name folder the bundle id)
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    Ah ok thanks. Will try this
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    My download link in the 2nd post should have all of the bundle id's already in it, if there are any that are incorrect please let me know and i'll be glad to update them, sorry i have been a bit busy this last week with rebuilding my pc haven't had alot of time to work on icons

    not quite finished but close

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    The 460 GTX, nice. I got that same one for my dad's computer - I have the 260 GTX, which is essentially the same card. You OC'd? What processor and speed are you running?

    LOL at the hammer next to your computer! Not sure how you can build a computer without one nowadays

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    Running an i5 760 oc'd to 3.7ghz 16gig of ram and the 460 is the ssc edition an I clocked it up a bit higher I may be selling it soon cause I want to upgrade to the 560 ti

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    Nice! I'd like more RAM - only have 4 gigs. With a water-cooled system you should be able to hit 4Ghz, right?

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    i could if i wanted to, i haven't played with my clocks since i installed the water cooling system, i have to kick up the voltage on the CPU to do so and i'm not sure if i'm ready to do that yet, if i burn it out i have no means to replace it. My old Core 2 hit 4.3, but i went for 4.5 and it went BZZZZZZ and never came back online. Installing the new SSD tomorrow as well it's gonna fly

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    Yeah, after every increment you should test it for at least a few hours at 100% load. There's really no need to overclock for gaming, though. The only reason I OC is because it directly benefits rendering times.

    Recently I thought a lot about upgrading to an SSD - my harddrives are the weakest part of my system at the moment. What brand do you think I should look into? Are they a good value now, you think?

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    i went with an ocz agility 3 90 gig and i'll be putting it in raid with another within the month ( i don't mind doing repeated windows installs) it's a reasonably priced drive due to it's use of MLC chips and it shouldn't have as much of a write penalty as some of the older ssd's due to it's support for TRIM and the newest Sandforce controller. The Vertex 3 series and the Intel 310's are also very highly rated but as i will only the one i ordered to work with that's what i'll draw my opinions from lol. there is quite a difference in my frame rates and load times with just a 900mhz overclock tbh i couldn't have run some of the games i play without it. it really depends on what you play i think. In anycase i'll let you know how the ssd i got performs as soon as it's in the biggest issue is that the best ssd's are very expensive between $1 to $1.40 a gig.

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    Yeah, let me know! I'm starting to really hate clicking on a folder and waiting 5-8 seconds for the HDD to spin up. It should be instant. Heck, in the future SSD's will cost pennies per gig. There'll be baskets at the store counter and you'll just grab a handful along with some M&M's

    It's kind of a shame that overclocking can make a difference in some games. The most often reason is that most games are made for consoles and when ported to the PC, it doesn't take advantage of all the advanced stuff that modern CPU's can do. So basically you have this supremely powerful computer breaking a sweat on completely un-optimized code; making it work 10x harder than it should. Brute-force processing.

    The next consoles that come out will start using some more modern-day processors, which means in 2 or 3 years we'll finally start seeing games on the PC that we should have been seeing 4 or 5 years ago. My processor is 4 years old now and it still blast through every game I throw at it (Quadcore Q9550).

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