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Thread: BUUF iOS 5 Walkthrough Guide + Downloads

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    Post BUUF iOS 5 Walkthrough Guide + Downloads
    BUUF iOS 5

    For you own copy I have included a download of about 2000 Buuf icons downloaded from the internet that I use quite a lot. Might help, might not

    Right use this as you will, but if you want your BUUF theme to work with iOS 5+ (iPhone 4) follow the steps below. I have not tested this theme on iPhone 4S so cannot comment if this procedure will work (although I can’t see why it won’t )

    What you will need

    Things to do before we start

    Before we get started i think it's best to have the correct tweaks, theme and tools installed, so without delay open Cydia and download the following theme sections.

    • BUUF Infinity
    • BUUF FlipClockLAW HD
    • BUUF Icons
    • BUUF Loaders 2 (There are two loaders download, I prefer 2 you may want both or just 1?)

    This may take some time and I would recommend being connected to Wi-Fi as its about 200mb in total.

    On a side note do NOT download BUUF Live Time. It has failed for me on 3 separate iPhones and caused a re-spring loop. You don’t really need it and you can change the icon later using iFile should you want to.

    Now thats done download and install the following tweaks from Cydia in order to have the theme working in the best possible way.

    • BytaFont + FontPack 1
    • ClockHide-PK
    • GridLock
    • Color Keyboard
    • Custom NC Background
    • FolderIcons
    • Icon Renamer
    • LockInfo
    • NoSpot (Optional)
    • No Page Dots (Optional)
    • Notifier+
    • Stereo SBSettings

    Now once all this is installed we can start to amend.

    Open Winterboard and enable the following theme sections only!

    • BUUF Infinity
    • BUUF FlipClockLAW HD
    • BUUF Icons
    • BUUF Loaders 2

    Go ahead and re-spring.

    In the current state your phone according to what i class as a fully integrated theme is about 70% done. Lets go ahead and finish that 30%!

    All downloads containing modified theme sections will be listed when needed.

    moving on...

    Now before we continue you should do the following:

    • Download the following .rar file
    • Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable and open iExplorer
    • Navigate to /var/stash/Themes.XXXXXX/Buuf.theme/
    • Delete the entire Bundles folder and the UIImages folder (You may not have a UIImages folder this doesn’t matter, please continue on)
    • SMS-Background Images are also contained within the Buuf∞.theme folder, copy over the contained files if you want to replace this too. (Check screenshots to view bg image above).
    • Copy the Bundles and UIImages folders from the .rar file you just downloaded (Drag and Drop) from your desktop to the iPhone using iExplorer (And the bg images should you want too)

    Now this is done, disconnect your phone from the computer and re-spring, once the iPhone comes back on you should notice that your StatusBar icons are changed and showing correctly.

    I only had to rename 400+ icons....

    Now that you have the main BUUF theme sorted we can move on to the other sections of the theme, so without delay let’s go ahead and get that keyboard themed.

    Keyboard Theme

    Before you start you will need to download the following file and upload it to your themes directory on the iPhone using iExplorer

    You do NOT need to enable this from WinterBoard use PerPageHTML

    moving on...

    So go ahead and open up your settings app on the iphone and navigate down to ColorKeyboard (we installed this earlier) open it up and click on the “Select Themes” button, from this list select BUUF CK. Go back Select “Select PopUp Key” and click on BUUF CK Popups.

    Re-spring and you're done.

    Notification Centre Theme

    Before you start you will need to download this file

    Upload the content of this file to the following folder on your iPhone using iExplorer.

    /var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE/ - all we are doing is adding the wallpapers to your photo stream. You can move them or upload them to another folder, it's entirely up to you.

    This will make theming the NC much easier, as a selection of BUUF wallpapers are already on the device preventing the need to find them .

    So moving right along...

    Open the settings app and scroll down to CustomNCBackground, you want the following.

    Enable = On | Fill Screen = Off | Pick Image and then browse the folder for the images you have just added from the wallpaper download provided. Select and close, then re-spring (You may need to re-spring after uploading the wallpapers to your device in order for them to show.) but i doubt it.

    Now that you have the background image sorted you may or may not want to change the icons that are used for the toggles (Drop down window). If you do want to change the icons simply download the file below and upload the entire folder using iExplorer to have the same icons as shown above in my screenshots.

    Follow the steps below..


    LockInfo Section

    This part is quite easy, all you have to do is configure the LockInfo from the settings app and select the theme to be BUUF, the beauty of this is that the theme comes built in.
    So open settings, navigate to LockInfo and select configure.


    Do the same with this apart from there is no buff theme installed, but it will use the icons from the LockInfo theme and display them in the statusbar, all you have to do is disable the app icons showing in the statusbar in Notifier+ as they show automatically and you will have duplicates if you do not configure correctly. This part is simple, just open the app from the settings app and configure.


    I found a major bug in FolderIcons so removed it from this walkthrough, you cant create new folders, device re-srpings, and also when you remove FodlerIcons it seems to break the BUUF theme, i cant find the issues at the moment but am working on it so stay tuned

    BytaFont + FontPack 1

    Right lets get the font working, open BytaFont and select Akbar and re-spring = done.

    BUUF FlipClockLAW HD

    Last but not least lets configure the BUUF FlipClockLAW HD to display your weather correctly.

    It's quite simple and its best to use iFile for this as you don’t need to connect your iPhone to your computer / mac.
    Open iFile
    Navigate to /var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/BuufFlipClockLAWHD/
    Click on Settings.js - Open with text viewer / editor.
    Within this file you will see a few options, it does explain what to do so ill leave that to you.
    To get your correct weath code use the following link Weather Location Codes/IDs

    Enter this where it says: var locale =”XXXXXXXX”

    True or false what ever else you want from the file and click save / done / and re-spring.
    That’s it for now, all done.!

    If you have any questions please ask, and i hope this helped.

    Enjoy your new theme.!

    Name:  561811d1327283438t-dreamboard-buuf-infinity-iphone-4-release-imageuploadedbymodmyi1327283533.940.jpg
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    Default Big thanks for this
    I will test on my 4S shortly.

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    Awesome, please let us know if this works

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    Excellant guide, can I use it also in ipad2 ?

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    I would imagine o, you would just have to change the background images to match the resolution of the iPad i cant see why it wouldn't work, but i don't have an iPad (at the moment)..

    If you look on Cydia there is an iPad buuf theme on there, BUUFababy iPad i think its called, maybe you should try that one?

    However, if you do try this theme please let us know if does work.

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    I have tried Buuf ipad on Cydia, but there are all only for ios4 ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by yao View Post
    I have tried Buuf ipad on Cydia, but there are all only for ios4 ��
    If you follow the walkthrough that i have done, and use the files i have listed it "should" be ok, im really not sure as i haven't themed the iPad yet, but will be very soon, leave it with me and ill take a look at the files contained within the download over the weekend and make sure it will work correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fr0stedfm View Post
    If you follow the walkthrough that i have done, and use the files i have listed it "should" be ok, im really not sure as i haven't themed the iPad yet, but will be very soon, leave it with me and ill take a look at the files contained within the download over the weekend and make sure it will work correctly.
    Thanks, just 2 more questions . You wrote that we have to download the 4 Buuf themes section from Cydia, but I canít find those Buuf anymore, there are only Buuf with "∞" infinity sign, like Buuf∞Infinity or Buuf∞Loaders 2 or Buuf∞FlipClockLAW HD. Is this ok? And Color Keyboard is only for iPhone, isnít it?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Default Iphone 4s 5.0.1 buuf
    Confirmed does work with iphone 4s 5.0.1. Thanks so much.

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    I have followed all instructions here and succeeded with everything except the NC there another folder I should try to download to other than 100APPLE folder? Thanks, Karl

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    All i did was synced photos through ITunes. NC theme automatically found the pictures after. Hope this helps for iPhone 4s.

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    Yes you can put the NC background images in any folder you want, iTunes sync would be good, the camera folder makes it easier to select them the all. And yes buuf infinity are the correct themes (sorry) and also with regards to the icons, if you followed the steps correctly it should work 100% make sure you don't have anything else selected in winter board, please post a screen shot of your issue

    Thanks for the comments and glad it works on 4s

    Side note, I also have Siri working with a custom theme now on the iPhone 4.

    Are you using iOS 5+?

    The notification icon is a face with his mouth open, and your
    Movies icon along with music will be the small iTunes logo.

    Please post a screenshot.
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    Download links are dead ! O.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by obafranz View Post
    Download links are dead ! O.o
    Sorry they will be back online tomorrow! Very sorry to all! :/

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    1 question...... any idea why my status bar at the top icons and fonts don't change? like the reception bars, wifi bars, blue tooth icon, and the other stuff on the status bar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lvl.swiftwind View Post

    1 question...... any idea why my status bar at the top icons and fonts don't change? like the reception bars, wifi bars, blue tooth icon, and the other stuff on the status bar?

    Thanks and yes i do know why, you need to download the following file: - the download will be available within the next few hours, just awaiting hosting to come back online... very sorry.!

    Connect your iPhone to iExplorer and browse to:


    Delete UIImages

    Upload UIImages folder from download and respring.

    This should fix your problems

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    Question Bababuufey UI sounds, Live wallpaper. Add to this theme?
    A couple of question. I am currently using the Bababuufey theme because I really like the UI sounds it uses and the live wallpaper that it incorporates into its theme; can I add those sounds and background to this theme,and if so, where do I navigate in iFile or iExplorer to do so? I still have yet to find an easy way to change the default notification sounds for a new Facebook message or Tweet and the Bababuufey theme has some good ones. I also need a way to keep the live wallpaper my theme uses and incorporate it into this theme if possible, it's the one with the stretch of highway and sky that changes through out the day from a morning rising sun to a star filled night's very sweet. I could do without the road kill that shows up on the road every day at 3pm though...nasty.
    One extremely annoying thing about the theme is the messages font color; it is extremely dark when sending or receiving messages, it is so dark against a dark background, making it very difficult if not damn near impossible to see. How do I change the default font color a theme uses for its iPhone messages in iFile or iExplorer? I activated White Icon Labels in Winterboard but that just changes the icon colors under the apps.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Thanx for this update to iOS 5 I have a 4s and my reminders & email icons are not getting themed any suggestions ??

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    I tried changing the ui kit. It seems to be working except when I am on springboard or facebook. Also the the color has changed from black back to the stock blue color. Any ideas?

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