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Thread: Hany CARRERA iphone 4 analog HD GLOSSY BLODY BLACK weather Chronograph Lockscreen

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    Very nice LS

    How can I change the city ? I live in Sohag and Yahoo Weather's nearest city is Asyut, but that is fine with me Lol

    I am an "Upper"Egyptian

    Edit : Got it
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    Alsalam 3alykom wa ra7matollah wa barakatoh

    Thanks for your reply if you need to change the city weather to any countery you want just edit the Analok.js file (right click Edit) then hit control + F and search for ywcode (it will be arround the third line) then go to the web site
    and search for any country you want ...when you find it just copy from the url address bar the code number from the end of the url address and paste it in the analok.js for example (ywcode = '12718517') thats for Egypt

    Again thanks for your reply can email me for any issues regarding iphone themeing

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    Wa 3alaykom alsalam wa ra7mat Allah wa barakato

    In fact I edited the YahooWeather.js in src folder using iFile

    There is +YWCODE+, I've just put the city code between the 2 +s replacing YWCODE and it worked (+1522330+)

    Thank you very much

    BTW : My name is Mina

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    i'll try that

    Mina : do you know where to get a good working landscape theme (winterboard or dream board) i got iphone 4 os 4.3.5...i tried google but what i found is not complete enough
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    No, I haven't even run my iPhone in landscape mode. Complete themes are hard enough to find for even the normal portrait mode

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    comming up the moust pure HD icons

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    Can you make an alternative Digital Clock ?

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    sure just tell me what phone design aor the digital clock (Htc ,etc....)

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