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Thread: DarkHo][ow (sequel to Hollow Theme)

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    Default DarkHo][ow (sequel to Hollow Theme)
    DARK.HO][OW Theme is the sequel to HO][OW Theme.

    Note: If you have purchased the original Hollow, you'll have access to this theme via the Hollow extras in Theme it app

    Note to users, hackers and pirates : Please do not pirate this theme as it serves a good cause, the founds generated with it will be used for Theme it app further development.

    After #Prestige's luxury, #noki's whiteness and #VIP's details… get ready for: Dark.Ho][ow Theme

    Same as for Hollow, this theme is orientated towards 3D, perspective and transparency but with a dark approach in this one.

    Not only the brand new icons have lots of 3D and transparency but you'll find more all around the system's ui and applications skins. Perspective is also a major as part of this theme as you'll see from the screenshots, giving depth to the interface.
    As usual, the theme is fully complete and comes with many extras (see here-under)

    Have all what you would expect from a complete theme :
    - Unique 3D and transparent icon set
    - Newly remade and optimized icons for this version
    - Entire UI customized
    - Auto-create App-Store icons
    - Many 3rd party apps skinned
    - 3 Battery Percentages sets (Small - Medium - Large)
    - SBSettings theme
    - Custom Font
    - Colorkeyboard and popup keys mod
    - Lockscreen with user wallpaper
    - Facet Widget (iFile or SSH knowledge required to set location)
    - Animated Lockscreen Slideshow (iFile or SSH knowledge required to add custom pictures)
    - Templates for both icons styles, Default (loading) screen, Wallpaper
    - and so on...

    Of course as for all my themes it is available in HD and SD


    No extra tweaks or apps are needed to make this run but i do recommend GridLock and FiveColumn Springboard as you can make nice layouts.

    More extras are in the works and will be released shortly :
    - WeatherIcon Mod
    - Sound set from @Paradox_v1
    and more…

    Also be sure to visit Theme it blog ( to get the best user-mods available.

    A few screens :

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -dh_avatar.jpg  
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    I've always preferred dark themes

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    FIF7Y, are you still planning on a new prestige?

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    Looks beautiful. thanks.

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    Has this been updated for ios5?

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    i have a question about this one ...

    i have the tap to unlock option on my phone for this theme ... and when my phone is locked and i receive a phone call ... i still get the "slide to answer" text on the bottom but its skewed to the right and it only shows "slide to" anyone else seen this?

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    Does anyone know why some of my icons are showing regular instead of dark????

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    Same deal for me with the light mail. I also cannot get the dark facet going, but the light works, maybe the same anyway. Furthermore no tap to unlock, it worked with hollow. There's a lot if winter board components. Suggestions?

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    is this the actual Dark Hollow Theme, ur just the extra Mod? if it is the MOD I dont think it has been updated , Im pretty sure u could change or mod the images and Port it but Im not very familiar with that so Im sorry I wont be much help on that. I end up buying the Actual Dark-hollow theme cuz of the same issue. but then of course u wont be able to have both themes installed on the device.

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    Black rocks. Love this theme.
    Thanks FIF7Y.

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    Hey man, I purchased Hollow and the Dark Hollow Extra and that fuc-k up with the icons not going dark is not nice! I paid and it's been a long time like this! Not happy.

    Here's the problem:

    That mail icon isn't replaced with a dark one. In the first page I have the Photos and Camera icons which both still show up as the original Apple icons.
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