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Thread: iFlat ³ /// EVOLUTION

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    He's going down the list of everyone that has purchased. It'll get there soon.

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    Shoulda used themeit

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    Got mine thanks!!! Just need the database open

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    Quote Originally Posted by Them3this View Post
    Shoulda used themeit
    Those are for the promo codes.

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    i not receive my code

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    ThemeIt doesn't seem to say SD is supported.. at least not yet. Ah well - there will be updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mossdef View Post
    i not receive my code
    Please be patient. If you have not received it today then you should receive it by tomorrow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarlath View Post
    ThemeIt doesn't seem to say SD is supported.. at least not yet. Ah well - there will be updates.
    The SD version is planned to be submitted tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burning09 View Post
    The SD version is planned to be submitted tomorrow.
    Then I will wait for the updates eagerly. It looks stunning as is.

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    Everyone who preordered should have received their codes by now. If not, email decke. Thanks

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    Love the colors. Can't wait for full ui to come out. I wonder how the progress loader & ck gonna look like hmm

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    Hi, is a SBSettings theme already planned?? Thanks, looking forward for the icon DB.

    Keep up the good work!! =D

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    Everyone that preordered should have received their codes by now, unless you chose to use Cydia, then you'll have to wait a bit longer.

    As of NOW, I do not play to theme SBSettings because of the integrated notification system in iOS 5.

    I WILL theme ColorKeyboard, LiveClock, LiveWeather & stock icons(oops). Please post your favorite apps here

    You can also start requesting icons here, please include the original icon and bundle ID to make it easier for me and those that are helping me.

    I'll be releasing iFlat 3 Icon Database within a day or two. (Link: iFlat 3 EVOLUTION Icon Database coming soon)

    Thank you for the support! Updates coming soon

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    Bite SMS, tweetings,osfoora, Facebook, ifile, backboard, boxcar, MLB atbat 11 please. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by stljrd1980 View Post
    Bite SMS, tweetings,osfoora, Facebook, ifile, backboard, boxcar, MLB atbat 11 please. Thanks
    Those icons are done and will be included in the icon database when released.

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    Tweetbot, mmi, foursquare, intonow, Im+, iMovie, Netflix, colorsplash, remote, pandora

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    Quote Originally Posted by DefJammable View Post
    Tweetbot, mmi, foursquare, intonow, Im+, iMovie, Netflix, colorsplash, remote, pandora
    Tweetbot, MMi, IM+, iMovie, Netflix, Remote, and Pandora are done. Foursquare, Intonow, and Colorsplash need to be done I believe.

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    English translation:

    Hello, as a user of new theme "iFlat 3 EVO" I would like to give you a few tips and a couple of corrections to be carried out, have you seem.

    Let's begin:

    In "Safari":
    The icon of the tabs when you have more than two tabs open out the default icon. I see you have created the images but the name is correct. I would also like to add the image of the "Safari Download Manager". Also the load bar is rare because it is a little above and annoying to write.

    In the menu "Settings":
    I would also like the icons for each tab is the icon theme. And also the background if the image could be out of multitasking would be better.

    Then in the "LockScreen"
    Not why but I get uncontrolled, the days of the week I get misplaced and also the bar I get the original release on top of yours.

    On the keyboard of "PIN"
    I goes wrong and the OK button I get the original which is rare.

    When you try to shut down:
    The original bar is so rare with the new slide button.

    End Call button is nonstandard stay, well a new one. Also if you could add a style mask as do your other serious issues as incredible as it is now is not good.

    Html files:
    If you could add a javascript that controls the rise time. The format between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and finally if it is 12h or 24h.

    PS: I add some pictures so you can see the flaws.

    And thanks for the topic.


    Spanish translation:

    Hola, como usuario del nuevo tema "iFlat 3 EVO" me gustaria darte un par de consejos y un par de correcciones que deberias llevar a cabo, haber que te parecen.


    En "Safari":
    El icono de las pestañas, cuando tienes más de dos pestañas abiertas sale el icono predeterminado. He visto que tienes las imagenes creadas pero el nombre no es correcto. Tambien me gustaria que añadieras la imagen del "Safari Download Manager". Tambien la barra de carga queda rara porque queda un poco por encima y molesta al escribir.

    En el menu de "Ajustes":
    Me gustaria tambien que los iconos de cada pestaña sea el icono del tema. Y tambien el fondo si pudiera ser fuera la imagen de la multitarea quedaria mejor.

    Luego en el "LockScreen":
    No se el porque pero me sale descontralado, los dias de la semana me salen mal colocados y tambien la barra de desbloqueo me sale la original encima de la tuya.

    En el teclado del "PIN":
    Me sale mal y el boton de OK me sale el original con lo cual queda raro.
    Cuando intentas apagar:
    La barra original queda de manera rara con el boton de deslizar nuevo.

    El boton de finalizar llamada es el orginal quedaria, bien uno nuevo. Tambien si pudieras añadir una mascara al estilo como los tienen tus otros temas seria increible ya que tal como esta ahora no queda bien.

    Los archivos html:
    Si pudieras incorporar un javascript que controle el lugar del tiempo. El formato entre celsius y farenheit, y por ultimo si es 12h o 24h.

    P.D: Agrego algunas imagenes para que puedas observar los defectos.

    Y gracias por el tema.

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    app name:QQ
    icon files:[email protected]

    ID:com.tencent. (not sure)
    app name:Qzone
    icon files: [email protected]
    app name:weixin
    icon files: [email protected]

    app name:anote
    icon files:[email protected]
    app name:avplayer
    icon files:[email protected]

    app name:weifeng
    icon files:[email protected]

    app nameptv
    icon files:[email protected]

    and some more like Fruit Ninja , SF IV , KOF-i and iBooks I guess you already done?

    first time to request icon, don't know the format is correct or not

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    Havent got my code yet...

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    guys when requesting icons please give us the bundle id if possible along with the icon name this is simply so we can have the icon database organised. It would be much appreciated. Just download AppInfo from cydia and you get all that info.

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