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Thread: Dreamboard: Themes (Released and Coming Soon)

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    Default Dreamboard: Themes (Released and Coming Soon)
    I looked around the forum and I wondered why there wasn't a more updated theme roundup. So I decided to make this and I hope everyone enjoys it!

    Released Now:
    Endroid - WyndWarrior - Comes with Dreamboard

    Endroid-Jessemod - JesseDegenerate - [Dreamboard Theme Release] Endroid-JesseMod

    MyTouch 4g - JoeyBoren - [THEMES] DreamBoard - Page 10

    iNavHD (3.00) - Reeco, ported by GaN-MaN - [DreamBoard Release] iNavHD

    Coming Soon:
    Price Unknown:
    OS7 - Wyndwarrior - [DB] OS7 Preview

    LG VU - PathKiller29 - [THEMES] DreamBoard - Page 9

    iNav iCloud HD - Lucky 7 - PRESUMABLY DISCONTINUED

    Everyone who has successfully released there theme here should be proud for making some of the first of (hopefully) many dreamboard themes. I hope there will be many more to join the themes on this page.
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    I didn't see the bottom of that post. I thought it was just about his OS7 mod. Nevertheless I will continue to update this thread unless it gets removed/closed.

    Quote Originally Posted by SnowLeo View Post
    Theres already a thread for this here:

    Could a moderator please remove this thread?
    Also, if the moderators saw it fit they would probably figure it out for themselves if this thread seemed fit to be closed/deleted. Don't know what's the rush with you .
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    I still think its kinda pointless to have two of the exact same threads...
    heres the link the the first post:
    As you can tell the first post is almost identical to this. Lets just keep it in one thread please for the sake of everyones sanity.

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    this thread is a up to date list of all the dreamboard themes released or being released i like it calm down leo

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickybobby View Post
    this thread is a up to date list of all the dreamboard themes released or being released i like it calm down leo
    Glad to hear .

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    lol just let it go. its not that big a deal. i think this thread is beastly
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    does HTTP:// not work anymore. It keeps telling me to go to Cydia.

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    Yeah it has stopped working.

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    Dang! I would of loved a dreamboard theme store! Never mind! (: I wonder when they are going to release the next tutorial! I am urgent for it ^_^

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