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Thread: [Dreamboard Theme Release] Endroid-JesseMod

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    Default [Dreamboard Theme Release] Endroid-JesseMod
    please see below for 3.24.11 update!
    please see below for 3.25.11 update!

    This is a Modification of the default Endroid theme that comes with Dreamboard. Thanks to Wynd for such an amazing base to start from The Current Version is 1.2

    This release should be compatible with Dreamboard Versions .2 - 1.0.1 but has only been tested on an iPhone 4.

    Changes include:

    •Default Phone setup (Backboard link replaced with Phone)
    •*new* updated HD Dock
    •updated HD App Draw
    •updated Web-view widget frames (shadow)
    •Twitter widget on Springboard 3
    •Replaced Gingerbread clock with Honeycomb data-mined by Li-ion (thanks Li-ion)


    Download the mod by clicking "download here below"
    Unzip to the folder "Endroid_JesseMod"
    SSH folder to var/mobile/library/dreamboard
    You may need to respring before Dreamboard Recognizes Endroid_JesseMod

    If you are uncomfortable with editing .plist files do not download this theme! Please get in-touch if you want to use my artwork in your themes / the honeycomb clock's css was basically torn apart to get it to play nice just want credit / nerd points


    Please note @ 1:10pm, i updated the package to fix a glitch in the HD dock.

    If you downloaded before then, please download again

    download here

    instructions for changing icon's:

    with iFile
    go to /Dreamboard/Endroid_JesseMod/
    and open the Current.plist with the text editor.
    Scroll down until you see the icons. You can tell it's them because there will be a row of them like so ending in "AppIcon"

    looking like that. Now if you waned to change the icon to another applications, you would replace "<string></string>" with another application like "" You can use the list of icon's there to get you started,


    you can try just deleting the icon's you don't have (look for apps you don't have installed and delete them, the entire code snippet from above, from <dict> to </dict> Once you delete it, the configure app should be able to map another icon there.

    *update* 3.25.10

    3.25.11 (v1.2)
    •New icon for quick app draw, also it was rewritten (not as an app draw) to allow custom graphics and take up less memory.
    3.24.11 (v1.1)
    new name: Endroid_Evolution (as I plan to keep evolving it)
    new app shortcut draw on springboard 3 that holds 3 additional apps (can be modified to hold as many as you want) with description overlay
    •Overlay is attached so you can edit / customize it
    is not compatible with the built in icon editor with Dreamboard. There is work being done on a specific version that will allow this editor to work.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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