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Thread: [Public Beta] Android 3.0 Honeycomb

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    Default [Public Beta] Android 3.0 Honeycomb
    Phew, got my hands on the Moto Xoom rom and played with it for a while. Obviously a work in progress (it's 2 AM here!), but if you want to have some fun, go ahead and download the two files.

    Beta 1 comes with everything you see here:
    .Buckyball Wallpaper <3
    .Clock Widget
    .Some Icons
    .Wifi/Data Images

    Place the Clock above the other Theme in winterboard and turn on SummerBoard Mode.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -photo.png  

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    look nice and will give it a try.

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    I have honeycomb on my phone and i think you should add a honeycomb dock with springjumps

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    WOW Looks awesome

    It's still so Betty.

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    Is the clock going to be supported for perpagehtml?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rameses09 View Post
    Is the clock going to be supported for perpagehtml?
    I'm currently porting it to perpage
    My Themes

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    Very interesting.....

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    if you want i can make up a digital clock and calendar widget to match

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    Yes please

  12. #10 it again li-ion? .
    I'll check the progress every now and than. If it gets really ill make a music bar extended theme along with it

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    Hows this coming along?

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    looks sweet man great work!

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    looks amazing! cant wait to see the updates

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    Is this seeing an update anytime soon?

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    Amazing stuff dude, and ty for letting me borrow the icons for Endroid REVERIE. Keep up the great work man!!!

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    Wow! First I asked you to make a honeycomb theme for ipad and you said you would in a minute if you knew the theme files so I asked a couple ipad themers but they never helped out. Then I asked Keon if he was interested in making a honeycomb ipad theme because he said he was working on an htc ipad theme and he said if he got the time hed be interested. Then Jessedegenerate showed off that clock widget in the dreamboard thread and I asked him if he was interested making a honeycomb ipad theme for dreamboard and he said he was interested and had a working htc ipad theme for dreamboard but ipad compatibility was disabled after version .2 but hopefully he will be able to work on it when wyndwarrior adds back compatiblity. Then I contacted deathbybunnies6 because he was an ipad themer and made a htc 1 theme and said he was in the process of making a bunch of android themes in the dreamboard thread so I shot him a PM and asked him if he was interested in making UI for the honeycomb ipad dreamboard theme and he said he was already in the process of working on it and now has a solid base to build it off of. Then I posted a picture of a motorola xoom in the dreamboard thread and said I want my ipad to look like that and Nicholas Knight said he was "very close". I have yet to contact him... and then all of a sudden I run into this thread. Lol.

    Any chance your interested in working together with all those I mentioned to form a dream team and make a full UI full dreamboard fuctioning ipad honeycomb theme?

    If not how about turning this iphone honeycomb theme into a dreamboard theme?

    Looks great by the way and I cant wait to try this out and see more from this theme. Just thought Id share my crazy story because I felt it was nessisary and sorry if those in my story are offended that I "revealed secrets" or something like that... but seriously... how many people are there secretly working separately on honeycomb themes right now? Why not just work togeth and make one super awesome theme instead of a bunch of lower quality incomplete ones?

    Why do the icons seem small? I have all the source files with the much larger tablet icons if you want it.
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    it looks promising!

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    Li-on will you ever make a full android UI theme again but in HD? I would love to see a full HD UI for honeycomb and even gingerbread and HTC Sense Froyo UI. I still remember the good old days of Dro1d and the theme you worked on with mrputk (sorry if I spelled his username wrong) which had a full android UI back in the days on nonretina and it had all of the apps and images themed. I miss those good ole days.

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    Loving this. I'd love it even more if the clock was perpage tho :/ progress?

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