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    Quote Originally Posted by Surenix View Post
    Ah, well in that case... just continue theming UI's. 2 weeks ago, I themed the UI. Last week, I did the This week? Not sure. But if you have any suggestions, my ears/eyes are open.
    I was thinking a black variant of the notifications pop ups. Have you seen the glasklart theme ones? I personally prefer black over the stock iOS blue.

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    will this help????
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    Quote Originally Posted by D3adly-Rocket View Post
    will this help????
    Wonderful! This is good.

    I will have it up for the next update.

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    Great theme ! Can you creat loading screen for every app ?

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    Any chance we'll be seeing a color keyboard for the theme?

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    Love this theme. Simple & beautiful. Maybe their will be a future full UI?? Would be awesome & complete

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    First off, EXCELLENT theme. I'm loving it. I would like to make a few sugestions, but please keep in mind I'm not complaining.

    With 1.4.8, I loved all the options in winterboard you gave us, I felt like "he's given us control of how we theme our idevice". Please bring back those options some way, wether to choose which slider on the lockscreen or which dock we prefer.

    Second, don't know if this is just me but the UI buttons in the answer call screen, the "Decline" and "Answer" buttons look like they are floating too high. It's also in the wallpaper selection screen. Here's a screenshot:

    Keep up the great work!

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    could i request icons for droplr and reprise please?

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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    Could someone post the water droplets wallpaper from this theme I love it and would like it on my iOS 5 device

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    Hey im loving this theme atm, just a slight problem though:
    the search bar for spotlight is shrinking i think its after every respring the spotlight bar is narrower. Weird problem but help would be appreciated. Btw i have no spotlight tweaks.

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    Problems with Lockinfo, when trying to call someone from favourites it shows me Text Messages and an empty slot instead of call but if I press the empty slot it it calls the person you want but still its empty. anyone know a fix?
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    Anyone else still having a problem with the AnyRing icon. It's the only one that doesn't work for me.

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    I still hace that problem with lockinfo, any help?

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    hey did any one make a UNlim video icon or unlim ringtone or a backboard icon or ztoggle one?

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    This is a nice looking theme but I, like many others, will never consider purchasing it until there is a psd file, there is nothing worse than having half of the icons themed and half not and making requests all the time for icons and waiting ages to get the, well that just sucks tbh.

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    download themeiconmaker from cydia its free does all ur unthemed icons.

    Quote Originally Posted by swizzle23 View Post
    No .psd = no purchase for me. I saw this in Cydia and thought it looked awesome so I came and found this thread to see if there was a .psd included before buying. It doesn't matter if you take requests, that's great and all but if there was a .psd I could make my own icon in 30 seconds instead of waiting a week or more for you to do it.
    themeiconmaker from cydia its free
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    Default I have the solution.. ^_^
    Quote Originally Posted by Petrit H View Post
    I still hace that problem with lockinfo, any help?

    Hey Petrit H!! Did you figure it out?? Or shall I inform you?? ^_^

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    Yes please, tell me how to fix that
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    I solved the second part, which I edited above.. now just waiting for the Lockinfo fix.

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