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Thread: [Preview] OS7 - w/Live Tiles

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    I am looking for a way to make my tiles transparent without the colored boxes. I have tried and tried searching the threads but when I click search it just brings up a blank screen on my phone and laptop. I have also found how to remove the labels on the tiles except the ones which the theme creates automatically from my installed apps like Bank of America. How do I remove those labels?

    1. Transparent tiles
    2. Labels off of every app


    Thank you,

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    Does anyone have zip file or something with black icons for white tiles? I'm been searching for a way to do this and haven't found anything....

    Also using os7 revive.

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    using this tile i've got "facebook syndication error", anyone know how to fix it?

    Quote Originally Posted by falcon212 View Post
    Large Facebook Live Tiles + Notification

    (Collaboration project with ephogy)

    Download: OS7 Large Facebook Live Tile + (fscan.js is not included)

    - Only tested on iPhone4 (please let me know if legacy iDevice works)
    - Edit Tiles.html to reflect the notification for you own Facebook (tutorial inside the Tile.html)
    - Badge located on the bottom corner right
    - Replace <body bgcolor="627aad"> to <body> in Tile.html to make the tile transparent

    TIPS: How to add more photos in your Facebook Tiles
    1. Open as many photos as possible to build up the Facebook image cache (the thumbnails will do) on your facebook
    2. Rescan your Facebook Image Cache by getting "fscan" file from and transfer it to private/var/root/*here*
    3. Open MobileTerminal (download from Cydia) do the following
    > type "login"
    > type "root"
    > type ur password, the default password is "alpine"
    > type "sh fscan"
    it will take a while depends on how big is your image cache
    4. Respring and enjoy

    Please HIT the Thanks button if you like this !

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    Quote Originally Posted by wyndwarrior View Post
    Need someone to test that this works:

    1. Install Backboard from Cydia.
    2. Make sure you have created a "Default" backup, if not, press the add button in Backboard and give it a name.
    3. Go on your device and click on this link: backboard://
    4. Press "Yes" and wait for it to download. This may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection.
    5. Select OS7 from Backboard. Press Install. Respring.

    If all these steps work, you /should/ have successfully installed the public beta.
    Hi wyndwarrior i tried this and it is not downloading the zip file ?. I have already installed backboard from cydia.

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    My iPhone is a Part of Me ilovemyiPhone4's Avatar
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    heres what weve done with wynwarriors OS7.

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    I like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovemyiPhone4 View Post
    heres what weve done with wynwarriors OS7.

    this is awesome

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkhole218 View Post
    If u do make paid i wouldnt pay you a penny theme i just a black screen on my brand new ipod touch 4 ios 4.3.3 fix this please ive emailed you about five or six times about this problem
    I usually ignore incompetent remarks like yours but then again, English may not be your first language. So here is a little advice for you..... Since you did not have to pay single penny for this theme, nobody is under any obligation to assist you. However, if you do ask people nicely, someone will help you. There are hundreds of ipod users who are running this theme w/o any issues including myself. So be kind when you ask question otherwise you will be staring at your iPod's black screen for a very long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovemyiPhone4 View Post
    heres what weve done with wynwarriors OS7.

    Can you send me a link so I can download it to my computer and play with it. I need to know how you got the windows transitions after you exit an app. How did you get the setting to change wallpaper and tiles. If you could send me the theme I can help expand for the 4s.

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    I seem to be having a problem downloading altogether. When I click the download link, i select open in back board. It immediately says complete, dismiss. But nothing happens?

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    Hi, I will work this thema on iPhone 4S iOS 5.0.1 And what is currently a link to the latest version. thank you
    Last edited by kalich5; 2012-02-02 at 10:51 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mightymints View Post
    I seem to be having a problem downloading altogether. When I click the download link, i select open in back board. It immediately says complete, dismiss. But nothing happens?
    Use Dreamboard version, Backboard died off long time ago. It still works but you won't be able to use the latest os7:Revive dylib.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mustinet View Post
    so here is my homescreen and lockscreen
    i like it so far.

    mybe in next time i want to make the corners of the tiles round but im unsure.

    Ineed good and stylish icons for ********** and for Cydia

    Those icons are awsome.Can you send me a link to those please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by penguinipod919 View Post
    anytime. im thinking of making a playstation and wii one. hahah i dont know for what tiles but mabye would be kinda fun
    Are you talking about making a psn live tile? I have trying to get a psn live for 3 days now. The one on the first page of this forum is not working cause the site is down. That would great if you would make one

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    Hi, I don't make a theme for myself, but i found one what i would install to my 3gs, but i don't have download link.
    OS7 on Iphone 4 Hands On - YouTube
    Please somebody give a download link for this, or like this! THANKS!

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    Very glad to hear this stunning news. Btw, does it works on i4s? Im running on ios5.0.1 and the link seems to not available anymore...

  18. #4997
    Quote Originally Posted by danisnug View Post
    Very glad to hear this stunning news. Btw, does it works on i4s? Im running on ios5.0.1 and the link seems to not available anymore...

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    Default Problems with Weather tile and Ipod tile, help needed!
    Hi everybody! First time writing here, although Ive been following these OS7-related modmyi-discussions for a longer period. Ive manages to make my iPhone 4s run OS7 Revive nice and smoothly with live tiles -thanks to your nice tips and dedication!

    However, now Im facing two "problems" that seem to take over me, so help is needed. I've searched through a lot of forums, including this one, but havent come across the answer yet, so I hope to find it now.

    1) I have a HTC style large weather tile on my OS7 Revive. Tile looks great and I really like it, but the problem seems to be getting the weather infrmation stable. I mean, I have configured the LocationHere.js and Library/Wydget.js with correct weather code (FIXX0002 for Helsinki, Finland), saved and resprung, just as advised, but still the weather changes by itself. Respring helps, but thre is no point in respringing all the time, right? For a while the tile shows Helsinki, current temperature e.g. -5 C, and current weather condition all as they should be, but then when I come back after half an hour or so and wake up the phone, all the weather info has changed! The tile reads now Cypress, + 24 C... I've been struggling with this problem now, but I can't solve it! How can it be that the weather is correct for a while and then it changes even if the phone is untouched. Am I missing something or should I take something off from info.plist or make changes there? I've tried at least 3 different weather live tiles now and this same problem has occurred with all of them.

    2) Ipod Tile. I did the modification that are told on OS7:Revive page 1 post 1 to get the media controls visible and the tile large. Works fine and the controls are there. Background is grey with a note in the middle. Now, how can I place a different background picture there and still have the media controls? See, when I place a background picture there I lose the media controls for some reason!? I've named and resized (476 x 230) a picture of my liking as [email protected] and placed it into, and after respring the picture sits there nicely, but then the media players have disappeared. Do I have to make some changes in Info.plist key/string order or what to do? Can my problem now be that the [email protected] is lying on the media controls, so that the media controls are still there but unseen under the picture? As soon as I change the picture name to e.g. [email protected]1 and respring, media controls reappear and the background is grey.

    3) How and where can I configure and/or edit the text that is visible on lock screen, especially date (I'd like to change the text content a little, add a dot and take a few letters off). On my lock screen, I have configured Calls to appear in the left down corner, Viber in the middle and Messages in the right down corner. All of these show correctly, but the Windows style white small logos + numbers are missing, where can I get them and how can I make them working. Furthermore, is it possible in some way to have caller or sender info -name- there below (or with) the respective logo/icon/emblem?

    Thanks in advance to all who can answer and help me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rnlsmomandad View Post
    Those icons are awsome.Can you send me a link to those please?
    Yes please where did you get all those tiles

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    After much trouble I've saw finally the backboard version is no longer active, and have the os7 revive.

    I see others with a visual calendar, photo widget on their home screen and others and mine are just blue blocks.. How do I change them?

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