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Thread: Nominations for Cydia's "Featured Themes" Section (HD)

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    I don't know why everyone's trying to get on Saurik's nuts.. But Saurik you really don't need to even really concern yourself. You've done more for this community then most people understand. Not only that, but most of the community is being rewarded for your work. It's amazing that after all you've done you're still grounded enough to care about what we think but don't let a few people busting your balls represent all of us. For every "misinformed"(whiny) person in the community is at least 100's that love your work. We love you. The fact you can let these guys even get to you makes you seem like a really humble guy to me. Keep up the good work, watching you serve these people some knowledge made my day, h*ll i found out about this whole thing while looking around the Ps3 scene that's how important/big you are to people. Oh and dropping knowledge on "misinformed" people ranting to the point where apologies are flung around is most definitely serving ;P. I know i'm not the only one who laughed over you embarrassing these people and i'm def going to be talking about this one w my friends for awhile. I always thought people googled their questions before asking on a forum, but i guess not. Oh, and wasn't there a Hackstore that came out for mac??? Again I don't get why everyone is on your nuts.. Keep your chin up, the ones foolish enough to rant will appreciate you eventually. Or within the same thread in this case ;P lol

    P.S. I'm amazed that you kept your cool and was also sad that there wasn't MORE hostility. I can imagine this was like explaining to a screaming class of kids that 2+2 doesn't =5 xD.
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I vote for my theme .. I hope you like it.

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    How about ayecon?

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    Flite by dansaDisco

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    i woulds like to vote for my own theme Minimal HD

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    +1 for Flite by dansaDisco (Anders Hvid). A fair bit has gone into this theme. dansaDiso has included a video tutorial that helps with making your own icons. It started off with just icons, and switcher BG/Music controls, now it's subtly working its way into certain parts of the UI. I've also learnt a lot from working with dansa's PSDs. Sometimes we get more out of a theme, than just a theme

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I vote for my hacked theme ..

    Stop piracy

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    What is it with people nominating their own theme? Obviously everybody would like their theme to be in the featured themes section, but it's about what others think of the theme, that's the only way you can really know good the theme is.
    On that note, I would like to nominate Lindo Light HD (I would've voted for flite too, but it's now deservedly in there)

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    Jaku by Lokheed (William Szilveszter)
    Best theme to me.
    The theme in my posts is 3 4 All, by Sk37cH.

    The numerous versions released, and infinite versatility, beats IconOmatic mods. By quality.

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    I nominate iSTS Twilight Pro WB [Beta] by SnowLeo, Them3this, Schnedi, Altoiddealer
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    I nominate MiOS as soon as it hits Cydia. My favorite theme since twilight evolution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Them3this View Post
    I nominate MiOS as soon as it hits Cydia. My favorite theme since twilight evolution
    Way to not even nominate your own winterboard theme

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    I have to agree with the kid that said authors shouldn't nominate their own stuff. Kinda defeats the purpose.

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    I don't feel bAdGB themes need to be in "featured" yes, I'm Ryan, I'm smug. All I've seen (when I bother to actually look, I admit) is everyone with their own work, or the same styles and layouts. Won't you think outside of the box? Why remain in the confines of iOS? Aren't we modding, theming and jailbreaking for "control"?

    So, I'll nominate bAdApple by Ecko666 and bAdGB.

    Look beyond your picture icons and standard layouts. Don't you want what's not supposed to be? Hack the plAnet!

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    I vote for my theme because I invested hundreds of hours into making something that was exactly what I wanted from a theme. Thats why I started the graphics in the first place. I was sick of the themes I was using and wanted something that is awesome, different from anything out there, not a port, and the highest possible quality graphics that makes it look exactly how I dreamed of the most amazing and sexy theme there is. And I think I succeeded with such graphics and with the help of Them3this, Schnedi, altoiddealer, and Gan- we successfully made the theme I always dreamed about and the theme that I personally think is better than any other theme out there- because that was the purpose I made the theme, not to make money but to make the best theme out there. Therefore I find it rediculous to not allow me to nominate my own theme because there honestly isnt any other theme Id rather use, there are other good themes, but I love iSTS way better. I do also prefer the dreamboard version over the winterboard version, but I think you guys heard enough about my disagreement with saurik on letting Dreamboard themes be featured.

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    I VOTE FOR JIMMYL DESTINY THEMEbecause he did a good job with destiny HD theme and is one of the best themes I have seen awesome job jimmyl
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    I'm nominating my favorite "recent" theme, Destiny HD by JimmyL. This guy's work is always 100% complete, so you get the full package of completeness and sleekness at the same time .

    Check it out here the man even has a public Dropbox for all of his themes, where modders can add icons, walls, and widgets in one place for everyone's convenience. That is just awesome .
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    Default Nomination For "Destiny HD/SD" by JimmyL
    The new "Destiny HD/SD" theme by JimmyL most certainly deserves a mention here for nomination for the Featured Themes Section! The theme is very sharp & clean, also very complete & well thought out, & is receiving tons of support in the form of Mods, Icons, Wallpapers, Widgets, etc. from both JimmyL himself & users.
    The theme is a paid theme, but you get a lot of quality & an all around good looking theme for a very little & well deserved price. I paid $2.99 via the ThemeIt app, & consider it one of the best purchases I've made in support of my 4S theming habit :P

    modmyi support thread: * HERE *

    ThemeIt Thread : * HERE *

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    Destiny is my choice is the cool theme. Rate here )))))))))))))))))You will not regret))))

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