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Thread: Neurotech [HD]

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    no idea what is causing that, seems like it may be from another tweak tho as neurotech doesn't edit the files used from the clock and carrier logo, bytafont or fontswap possibly in your case with sonysketch EF is used to modify the font.

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    I thought it might be the font, but then I noticed that the status bar works fine when in becomes unmodified for certain apps like in the
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    I noticed that no tweaks except sbsettings I think, run with cydia possibly due to possible performance or data integrity issues, color keyboard, winter board themes, fonts they are all inactive in cydia what I would recommend for that is to restore the default font set, then remove and reinstall both the font and the program you use to apply it
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    True, but the font isn't reverted to the default when Cydia is open, it uses the Sony Sketch EF. However, I restored the original font with BytaFont and the statusbar is still blank.

    I feel like such a noob, I fixed my own problem, turns out I didn't need to activate the "noclock" theme which takes away your lockscreen clock and your statusbar info. I deactivated it and...long story short, I already had a lockscreen-clock-hider app and winterboard was overriding it and removing the statusbar as well. That being said, the icon is still out of date so I'll probably have to upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaingun View Post
    alrighty then trying out 5.1 now, camera and photo album, winterboard (blech can't figure that one out), and wikipedia names must have changed as they are no longer skinned, i'll post the changes after i find out the icon names

    EDIT. The camera icon has been moved into a new bundle and icons have been renamed [email protected]~iphone.png, and [email protected]~iphone.png. The photo album has remained in the bundle, but the icons have been renamed similar to the camera with [email protected]~iphone.png and [email protected]~iphone.png. I have also noticed that with IOS5.1 it appears that Bytafont is not working properly with sonysketch ef, the bold looks all kinds of wrong, I am working on figuring that out now.

    the new lock screen has a camera button on it all the time, it doesn't fit well with the older slider
    Thanks, Chaingun!

    I'll save this info for when I update

    Is there a tether-free jailbreak for 5.1?

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    Not yet, i pulled a stupid and accidentally updated without blobs saved oh well, i ran 5.0.1 tethered until corona came out and never needed to reboot, i always have my laptop close anyways incase i do need to. I have made a bit of progress on a few other things as well, i was able to get winterboard to theme don't have the file names atm but i will get them in a bit, but the weird thing is i had to hide the icon, then unhide it to get it to show, not even a reboot got the icon to work. I replicated that situation with my icon for unlimtones as well, however my intelliscreenx icon worked normally 0_o. In any case my only real issue with 5.1 at the moment is that bytafont doesn't seem to be displaying the fonts correctly, the bold text such as contact last names, or the status bar text seems weird, here is a cap of that i have removed and readded the font package and bytafont a few times, even tried to manually install it and no changes. let me know if that's how it's supposed to look or if i'm just nuts lol. Keep in mind too that if you have a 4s, there is currently no jailbreak at all for 5.1, and it has a new baseband that WILL break an unlock.

    had a scare earlier today too, dropped my phone in a bucket of water, snatched it out after about 2 seconds and it is still working fine, although the flashlight was shorting and wouldn't turn off until i disassembled and cleaned the mainboard with alcohol. We should all say a prayer for our iBrother that was almost lost today

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    That bold lettering on the Status Bar is probably something new for 5.1. I kinda like it

    I'm glad your iPhone didn't bite it. How did you drop it in bucket of water? I can't recall the last time I hovered any device of any sort over any body of water

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    it's not just the status bar, it's contact names in the contacts and messaging app and a few other random places as well. I had my phone in my shirt pocket and bent over to pick up a bucket of water from a leak in my shops roof (damn this wet snow) and i heard a clunk, my hand was in the bucket within a second and i had my phone out so it didn't get too wet. Just scared the crap out of me.

    Edit: spoke to one of the people at, they confirmed that the font is different between 5.0.1 and 5.1, it isn't too bad for the most part, but to me it does still stick out like a sore thumb. According to the guy i spoke to the GeorgiaBold text set is now working like it should but i like it how it was
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    Finished a bunch of new icons, i'll have them posted and have my zip file updated within a few days, new additions include intelliscreen X, webee+ blue-tooth remote, unlimtones and a few more any other request just post them in the neurotech custom icons thread with icon and bundle id info please

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    Hey J I wanted to let you know I made a script that will rename the three automask files upon install and restore them back to original upon uninstall.

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    Really? Cool! How do you execute the script?

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    They are scripts that you include in the .deb file when you build it. The preinst file runs when you install it from cydia & the prerm puts the files back when you uninstall it.

    ( do you build you own deb files? )
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    Oh? That sounds awesome. Do you think I should use it? It would be helpful, for sure.

    I don't currently distribute Deb files with my theme, but it's very easy to do, I just have to make sure it goes in the right spot.

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    I meant to ask if you build the deb to be put on the repo or if they do it for you. Anyway I do have the scripts working and I may also be able to add to the script to delete the cacheas well. I was just trying to find a way to make the setup easier.

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    I've never uploaded a dev file, but it should be pretty easy - it just has to go in the right place. Off the top of my head I don't know where that is, but it would be easy to find out (probably in //system somewhere).

    The only issue I see with a deb file is that I would have to offer it as a separate download if I were to use it on Cydia. It's not a big deal or anything - I would need to make it separate so that one doesn't have to uninstall the theme simply to remove the transparency from icons, know what I mean

    Yeah, a cache wipe would really make the script super-helpful. If the user doesn't need to go into their file system then it's one more thing I don't have to worry about. It would just need to delete the folder. Oh, and maybe the Switcherlinen files, as well (also in the Caches folder).
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    Ok just to be clear how do put your themes onto cydia?

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    Do you think you'll release it?

    I just create the file structure, then I zip it and upload it using the MMi Dev Portal.

    Here's an image showing the file structure (this is for Themeit, but the structure is the same for themes - I'm assuming it's the same for DEBIAN files, too):

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    All you would need to do is create a folder in your zip called DEBIAN and drop the scripts in there or I could just crate a package to upload to cydia my self and you just point people toward it if they don't want to do it manually.

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    Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves - first of all, does it even work?

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    Well I have tested the re naming of the auto mask files and it works.

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