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Thread: Neurotech [HD]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
    First time I've seen it do that

    It's hypnotizing.

    I'll have to look into doing that for all my batteries!
    It is hypnotizing. And awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
    I now have an official Neurotech Siri release page!

    Go here to check it out/ subscribe - this is where I'll post news regarding this theme from now on.
    On Tuesday I will be testing this on an iPhone 4 with Spire. Can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KraXik View Post
    On Tuesday I will be testing this on an iPhone 4 with Spire. Can't wait!
    Same here!

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    Would love to give spire a try, but don't you need either a 4s to pull keys from or a paid slot on a proxy server to get it fully working? Also having repeated issues with gridlock I was wondering if anyone here could offer up a replacement program? Would prefer something that doesn't cost as lot

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    Spire just needs a proxy server to work. There are some great spire servers for as low as 2$ per month
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    I think i will look into a proxy server for the time being as i don't think i will ever own a 4s.

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    J, are you going to update the weather app so that when you press it and it gives you the hourly info that portion of the weather app is also themed?

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    I may have missed a menu - what question do you ask Siri to bring it up?

    edit; My hourly weather is working perfectly here...
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    -photo.jpg Its the drawer, its not themed so it shows the regular app images

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    Oops, I assumed you were talking about Siri. I didn't know my weather app could do that

    I found the files responsible and I'll fix it for the next update, thanks! If you find any more stuff I missed or mistakes I've made, please let me know - I'm only one person and I don't catch everything

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    i have a probleme when trying to add a new contact from the numpad ,the create new contact, and add to existing contact are written in black over a black font and cant be read (the cancel button is ok)

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    Yeah, sorry about that! I themed those buttons for another app, but then they appear blacked out in many other apps. I slapped myself pretty hard for that one. I'm fixing it today, and the update will be out ASAP

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    Glad to see this theme alive and kicking! I have I think over 60k views on the YouTube video. But J, this has been in the back of my mind for a while. We should think about porting this to the iPad. I'm working on uKuwi right now, and pinstripe maybe next, but I may start porting to see how it would look. Hmmmm... :P

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    I've thought about it, trust me! There are a few problems though:

    - It will increase my workload. Theming doesn't pay much - I'd have to work full time for pennies on the dollar (like I said before, just the cost of electricity to run my computer while making the theme offsets what I make, lol). The cost of maintaining more than one full theme would put me underwater.

    - No Retina Display on the iPad. My artwork looks pixel-y on the relative low-res iPad screen.

    - I don't own an iPad. It's one thing to theme for the iPhone while not owning one (because the iPod is essentially the same thing), but it's completely different to work within a medium where you can't directly test the results.

    If any one of these problems is 'fixed', there's a chance for a Neurotech iPad theme

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    Didn't take you 5 seconds to rain on my parade! I hear ipad3 will be retina and I know some file names will be @2x~iPad, so I won't give up hope yet!!

    But hope you're doing well bro

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    Hey guys, I need some icons to make - hit me with some. Any popular Cydia apps that need theming?

    As always, it has a better chance of being made if it will look good in the Neurotech style. Lots of gradients and blends, like a soft-focus painting, are not ideal and I'll probably skip them.

    Remember: bold shapes

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    What about Voxer and TuneIn Radio? Im using icons you made for different apps for both of those

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    Okay, Voxer is added. TuneIn Pro added (TuneIn Radio *Free has a Neurotech icon).

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    Well its still the same icon and I never realized you had the free version in there so I just took it and copied it to the following bundle and changed the icon name and now its themed: com.alexanderben.RadioIn.....icon-pro.png.

    One last thing will you share the default wall without any of the alphas on it, just the plain wall itself?

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