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Thread: Neurotech [HD]

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    will throw a few up here when i can find them, i had them stored in my neurotech folder and when i updated the were gone... have them on a backup somewhere from the last reformat i did.

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    Theming some icons here - remade the IMDB and Modmyi icons, they look a bit better.

    So far my favorites are Pages and Instagram. When I started them they were the hardest ones to do because they were the most complex - but I've noticed that the hardest ones to make always turn out looking the best

    Fixed/ remade a bunch of stuff for the new update, added some stuff, and will add about 30 new icons.

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    Hello, everyone, i love this theme, but i wish that backgrounds are black, not grey, is it possible to get ck with black background? It looks even better to me, with those fabulous glowing letters...

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    zorangagula, if you have any skill with photoshop you can make your own. I provided the alpha files for the wallpapers inside the theme. You'll need to SSH into your device and go to /var/stash/themes/Neurotech [HD]/Neurotech Wallpaper Alphas. Just open it in Photoshop, create a new layer behind it, then fill it with black.

    Unfortunately, it's quite impossible for me to fulfill every request.

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    Anyway this is my idea, just black screen with this great icons, i made some changes so my folderdrop and multitasking back are also just black, and i would be great if i can change ck back to black...

    Ock i, ll try, upload some pics if i sucess
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    If you want white on black keys on the keyboard you may as well just use a default black theme in ColorKeyboard, then use Sony Sketch EF font.

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    Awesome, waiting for the update. And i use sony sketch font and its great
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    Here's a list of finished icons for the next update. I tried to get a bunch of popular free ones in this batch.

    1. Activator (Cydia)*
    2. Apple Trailers*
    3. Appsmart*
    5. Dragon Go*
    6. Facebook Messenger
    7. FedEX*
    8. Flipboard*
    9. Galaxy on Fire 2
    10. GooglePlus
    11. IMDB*
    12. Inception*
    13. Instagram*
    14. Keyfinder - C4D*
    15. MapQuest*
    17. Modmyi*
    18. Pages
    19. Password Pro
    20. Photobucket*
    21. ProTube (Cydia)
    22. Redlaser*
    23. Relax
    24. Sleepstream 2
    25. Speedtest*
    26. Spirits
    27. Stumble Upon*
    28. Sugarsync*
    29. ThunderGod
    30. TuneIn Radio*
    31. TV Guide*
    32. Tweetbot
    33. Uncrate*
    34. Wunderlist

    *Free App Store apps.
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    Nice list. Can you make an icon for Twitter?
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    Quote Originally Posted by celeron View Post
    Nice list. Can you make an icon for Twitter?
    Uh, it's there just doesn't work - here you go

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    I kinda did something with ck, and try to make auto app icon
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -imageuploadedbymodmyi1327609500.855592.jpg   -imageuploadedbymodmyi1327609516.557060.jpg  

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    Hey, that actually looks pretty awesome

    Nice job!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Default iPad compatible?
    Hey J! Just wanted to say thanks for such an awesome theme! I'm using it on all my iDevices now :-D. I'm curious, any plans for an iPad compatible version?

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    I've never owned an iPad - but if I did I'm sure I'd want to theme it

    I'd rather wait until the iPad gets the Retina Display ppi - my brain drools just thinking about how beautiful artwork will look on it

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    Some of you guys are really good at finding files. Anyone know where I can find the text bubbles for Siri?

    edit: Megaorange found them!
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    I just read a great article on what the iPhone 5 might be like. This is exactly what I was hoping the iPhone 4S was going to be (yeah, I was disappointed).

    It's the best presentation of a (possible) future iPhone I've ever read - check it out!

    iPhone 5: A visualization of the rumors


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    That's a great article. I personally, am hoping for no home button and glass front and back! I'm sure whatever Apple cough up will sell like mad. My contract runs out in sept this year so I'm hoping for a September release!

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    Same here though a sleek metal back would be bitchin too. Found an awesome app as well called Evi it's a competitive app to siri and I have tried it out and love it. Wouldn't mind an icon for it too I will post an icon and name here when I have a second but it is compatible with non 4s devices

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    This is my current homepage.
    Spingtomize2: icon layout, no labels, dock layout, and status bar (great program)
    Wallpaper: Forever 89 theme lock background with a wallpaper alpha over it
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    Default Neurotech [HD] 2.6 Update!
    The update is uploaded and pending acceptance on Cydia

    Tons of changes in this update - but most of it is maintenance and bug fixes. I wrote down two pages of changes, then condensed them into this list, lol:


    2.6 Change Log

    • Themed Notification Banner
    • Lockscreen Camera Button Fix
    • 35 New & Tweaked Icons
    • New UISwitches in Menus
    • More Notification Tweaks
    • Task Switcher Bug Fixed
    • New Folder Background
    • Cleaned up a bunch of unnecessary files
    • Lots of little tweaks you may not notice
    • After this update, please wipe Iconcache & Folderswitcherlinen(s) in /var/mobile/Library/Caches, then reboot.


    New Icons:

    1. Activator
    2. Apple Trailers
    3. Appsmart
    5. Dragon Go
    6. Facebook Messenger
    7. FedEX
    8. FindMyiPhone
    9. Flipboard
    10. Galaxy on Fire 2
    11. IMDB
    12. Inception
    13. Instagram
    14. Keyfinder - C4D
    15. MapQuest
    17. Modmyi
    18. Pages
    19. Password Pro
    20. Photobucket
    21. Pocket Informant
    22. ProTube (Cydia)
    23. Redlaser
    24. Relax
    25. Sleepstream 2
    26. Speedtest
    27. Spirits
    28. Stumble Upon
    29. Sugarsync
    30. ThunderGod
    31. TuneIn Radio
    32. TV Guide
    33. Tweetbot
    34. Uncrate
    35. Wunderlist


    Neurotech Siri Theme

    Real proud of this one, guys. Over the last week I've been working with our buddy Megaorange to make a replacement animation for Siri! There's nothing else quite like it on the Cydia Store.

    I rendered out almost 300 unique frames of animation, including the Dictation iOS feature, plus nearly 100 separate UI elements. It's 33mb - which is half the size of the full Neurotech theme! It's big.

    It will be a separate download on Cydia. I may charge $1.00 for it, in order to help continue development on Neurotech. You'll own a week of my life for only a buck - not too bad!

    (I attempted to attach images but MMi gives me an error for some reason)
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