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Thread: Neurotech [HD]

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    Default iOS 5 Compatibility Fixes
    iOS 5 Fixes v1.3.


    First delete the "Neurotech iOS 5 Fix" folder from your themes folder.

    Then place this new folder in Themes and activate it via WinterBoard (make sure it's above the main Neurotech folder in the WB list). Then Respring. Download it here:

    Neurotech iOS 5 Fix

    Change Log:
    • A bunch of Status Bar icons now work, thanks to Chaingun!
    • Themed the Reminders App
    • Themed Notifications area (may need more work)
    • Fixed a bunch of icons in the Settings App
    • Fixed desktop preview in Settings->Wallpaper for iPod Touch users
    • Fixed a few broken icons (more to come)


    • Loading gears/ spinners are still not fixed, I'll save an afternoon and finish them all at once.
    • I tried to theme the Newstand app/ feature but no luck, WinterBoard may not support it. However, I suggest hiding it with the NoNewsisGoodNews tweak on Cydia if you don't use it. Or use FolderEnhancer and hide it in a folder somewhere ;-)
    • I haven't touched Siri yet, but I have all the files - I'll theme it with some custom animations eventually (animations are fun!).
    • I'm going to work on getting everything fixed before I move on to new icons, so if you see something that's broken let me know!

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    Great fix!! Works perfectly!! Exactly what I wanted to work! Thx for the update!!

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    Great fix indeed! Although my Twitter app still refuses to be themed :/ Can't figure out why...

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    Yeah, that Twitter icon was bothering me. Not sure what's up with it. It's on my list of things to fix

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    Oh okay haha, was beginning to think it was just me and something I did. I'll keep messing with it and let you know if I get anywhere

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    I've tried seemingly every combination - I don't think WinterBoard supports the Twitter icon. If you find anything let me know

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    i renamed the Twitter icon in the bundle folder "com.atebits.Tweetie2" to "[email protected]" and it worked!

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    Haha! Really? I was trying to change the default icon - I didn't even check to see if the App Store Twitter app was installed. It was

    I guess iOS 5 detects that and hides the iOS version.

    Thanks gargoyle!
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    not being able to change Twitter icon has been bugging me! i even tried renaming the bundle folder... took a while to finally find that!

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    Nice catch Gargoyle!
    Yeah, that ones been irritating me as well haha, especially since I keep that on my first page and it just looked out with the other themed icons around it . Anyways, big thanks!

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    Hmm, my Twitter icon still isn't changing. Weird.

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    have all of the spinners working now with the package i emailed you J except for the shadowed one on the notifications center...

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    Yeah, thanks again, Chaingun! There were some mismatched files, but now they're all fixed, plus I themed the new Sync Gears and it looks pretty awesome in motion. 24 frames makes a huge difference in the smoothness of the animation. I wouldn't be surprised if they changed the other loading gears eventually.

    I got a lot done today in regards to iOS 5 compatibility. So far the file size is nearly 10mb, which is fairly huge. This will be a Cydia-only download.

    The Notification Center looks pretty badass, I must say - it's all Neurotech-y

    Update coming soon...


    So, what's a universal sign for an email that does NOT look like a letter? -mail.jpg

    This is the future - an envelope seems like such an archaic symbol to use nowadays - that's like having a cassette tape as the symbol for music.
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    I never really thought about that. An envelope does seem old. That will require some thinking.

    A5 JB can't come out soon enough.

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    Big @ symbol like this one? Btw that brings to mind an issue with the keyboard I noticed on certain keyboards where the @ is in the center on the bottom it seems like the space bar is overlapping the @
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -imageuploadedbymodmyi1326762616.330384.jpg  

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    I saw that one as I was doing an image search

    How do you feel about that as an email symbol? It makes sense, I guess - an @ is in every email address.

    As for the keyboard I'm aware of the problem (thanks, though!) - my buddy Phatmartino detailed it to me. I'm going to fix the keyboard after I've uploaded this update.

    Hmm... -icon.png
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    The roundness would certainly go well with messaging and opera on my spring board but I wonder if there is any other universally recognized symbol for email? The letter thing is kinda like micro$ office having a floppy disk for saving half if the people that use computers don't know what the hell that little purple square even is

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    Default Neurotech iOS 5 Fixes 1.4 (Cydia-Only)
    This change log includes some of the changes I've already posted here. It's uploaded and awaiting Cydia approval.

    This is not an update to the main Neurotech theme, so you won't get an alert - it's a separate download! Neurotech [HD] is required to download this update.

    Change Log for v1.4:

    • Status Bar Icons and Loading Gears work again - Chaingun helped, thank you!
    • Themed Reminders App
    • Themed Notification Area
    • New Popup Alerts
    • Status Bar Sync Gears now themed
    • Various Status Bar icons remade and look way better
    • Added SBSettings "Drop" button and Springboard Icon
    • Fixed Messages App Balloons for iPod Touch users
    • Fixed some icons in Settings App
    • Fixed desktop preview in Settings->Wallpaper for iPod Touch users
    • Fixed some broken icons
    • This update contains 449 fixes and additions


    I'm lovin' SBSettings in the Notification area! Here are some instructions on how to get it working properly:

    1. Download SBSettings.
    2. Open SBSettings->More
    3. Here you'll scroll down and see two menus: Notification Theme, and Notification Options
    4. Notification Theme: Neurotech [HD] (I'll assume it's installed!)
    5. Notification Options: Choose what information you'd like shown
    6. Exit out to your Springboard (you'll auto-respring)
    7. Now go into Settings App->Notifications->SBSettings->Notification Center->[ON]

    If you have Multiflow (really, you should), you can set it as a left and right swipe on the Status Bar to activate, just remember to go into SBSettings->Activation Methods and deselect everything, that way they won't conflict.

    Now you can simply use the Notification Area as your new SBSettings window

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    That's most of them think there were two more sets not sure now

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